Tuesday, June 27, 2023

"breaking news! new wheel of fortune host revealed after Pat Sajak's sudden departure"

By N.S.

"breaking news: new wheel of fortune host revealed after Pat Sajak's sudden departure"

"Ryan Seacrest has been named the new host of wheel of fortune following Pat Sajak’s retirement, sources familiar with the situation told the new york times.



Anonymous said...

Not as witty and it won't be the same,but like "The Price is Right" with Drew Carey,probably acceptable to most "Wheel" fans.I'm surprised that he would do the show,myself,but it is easy work.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Very surprised, I thought Pat was going to be a lifer. I mean, why not? It's an easy gig, you spend 2 or 3 months of months out of the year recording the show, get paid a bundle and spend the rest of the year doing what you want. He's worth an estimated 65-75 million...nice work if you can get it. Pat and the show are all saying the right things, he's supposedly staying on for a few seasons as a "consultant", whatever that means. Still, I can't help but wonder if Pat's politics played a role here, he's one of the few conservatives in entertainment and maybe that discordant note has been grating on the network long enough, which like every other network, wants to be all woke all the time. Did Pat perhaps object to the show discriminating against White contestants by increasing black representation to a third? I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that conversation occurred, if it ever did that is. So Vanna isn't getting promoted, understandable because she's just a pretty face with no personality or sense of humor but Ryan Seacrest isn't much better. I first became aware of him on American Idol and couldn't stand him then, and can't stand him now. There's nothing I've heard from him that indicates he is nothing but a woke tool and if anything would want even more black contestants on the show. OH well, at least they didn't give it to Nick Cannon or dust Arsenio off and give him the job, that would have been the end for me, I might be able to somewhat stomach Seacrest. I tried to find something online about what may have happened behind the scenes to lead to this but couldn't find much of anything. Just this vaguely suggestive article: