Thursday, June 29, 2023

Scot Peterson, the dishonorable, despicable, armed White Parkland deputy who ran and hid in the bushes, letting hispanic Nikolas Cruz shoot up a school full of hispanic kids, murdering 14 students and three staffers, has been found not guilty of “child neglect”

By Jerry PDX
thursday, june 29, 2023 at 4:07:00 p.m. edt

Scot Peterson, the White parkland security guard who was accused of running when hispanic Nikolas Cruz started shooting up a school full of hispanic kids, has been found not guilty of “child neglect”:

I’m watching court tv right now, and his primary defense seemed to be that he didn’t know where the shots were coming from, so maybe he didn’t really run from the school, so much as he was looking for the shooter away from the school. Wouldn’t his primary responsibility be to guard the kids in the school if a shooter is roaming around outside somewhere? I’d have to do a deeper dive into the facts, to know for sure, but the jury found it to be a credible argument, so maybe there’s more than what we see on the surface.

Watching his lawyer, Mark Eiglarsh, right now pronounce: “This is a victory for all law enforcement officers who do the best they can in these situations.”

Peterson was a lightly armed security guard, he wasn’t a cop and dealing with a set of circumstances that might not align with other shootings, so why does this apply for “all law enforcement officers”? Ok, he’s a lawyer and they deal in hyperbole and rhetoric, but why does this verdict apply to fully-trained, better armed cops who hesitate to enter a school while kids are being killed? Peterson was outgunned by Cruz, so very possibly (assuming he did run for fear of his life), if not likely, would have been killed by Cruz so maybe it’s different, but when you sign up for the job, don’t you understand the risk you are assuming?

Also, as I’m watching they are interviewing some angry-looking negro sarcastically saying things like “This verdict was to be expected, because there’s a pattern of selective justice in this country yada yada….” His name is Lateef Gray and he looks like an afroracist upset about a White guy getting off because, “He’s White.” It’s kind of weird; where did this guy come from, and why is courttv interviewing him? Guess it’s just typical, “Try to find some racial bias angle,” and putting it out there for the public to lap up.

N.S.: Scot Peterson—not to be confused with Scott Peterson who, on December 24, 2002, murdered his wife, Laci, and their unborn child—was a sworn police officer. He was called a “deputy” and a “school resource officer” (an armed school cop).

The honorable thing for deputy Peterson to do would have been for him to enter the school, and take out Nikolas Cruz. Once Peterson ran from his duty, the honorable thing would have been for him to eat the business end of his service weapon on February 14, 2018. Scot Peterson is yet another example of why we need to defund the police, as long as the tax money that had gone to them, is returned to the taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

The guy was scared waiting for backup. Normally you cannot find a person guilty of no action. Only action can be criminal.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't have said full of Hispanic kids, I think I had uvalde in my mind at that moment, it was a mixed group of victims, plenty of whites. Will Cruz be counted as a White mass shooter?

Anonymous said...

"hispanic Nikolas Cruz"

Officially Hispanic is not a racial category. It is race neutral (look it up on for example the US Census web site).

Big difference in appearance between Nikolas Cruz and his (alleged) brother Zachary:

Nikolas Cruz has light skin, light brown eyes, straight hair, and passes for white:

His brother Zachary has darker skin, dark brown eyes, kinky hair, a big flat nose typically seen on black people, and could never pass as white:

Rather strange. Do they have the same biological parents? The story says brother, not half brother.