Sunday, June 25, 2023

There’s less paperwork if you investigate a mob fight—what used to be called a riot—and later, deny shots were fired, when witnesses said they were

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By Grand Rapids Anonymous
sunday, june 25, 2023 at 1:43:00 a.m. edt

grand rapids, mich (wood) — the grand rapids police department told news 8 they worked to break up a fight at Rosa Parks circle [GRA: The middle of downtown] late saturday night.

“around 9:05 p.m., grpd responded to reports of a fight that broke out at Rosa Parks Circle during a concert [GRA: Could only have been a rapper.]

“when officers arrived on the scene, they said a crowd was scattering, leaving the area.

“witnesses told grpd that they heard shots being fired nearby.

“upon investigating, police said they found no evidence of anyone injured or shots being fired.”

GRA: “I see NOTH-ING!,” said the cops.


N.S.: Along those lines, in september, 1994, about three months after I’d moved to the black supremacist ghetto of far rockaway, queens, to sleep on an army cot, in the middle of my now late mom’s studio apartment, somebody fired his gun on her street. I called 911, and the black female dispatcher assured me that she was sending a squad car, but no cops ever appeared.

That was my first experience, but hardly my last, both in far rock, and then in the predominantly White neighborhood The Boss and I would move to in 1997, when we got hitched, with black dispatchers who said they were sending cops who never appeared, or the local, 100th precinct, in which nobody even picked up the phone at the five or six different extensions I called.

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