Wednesday, June 28, 2023

In Brooklyn, one man stabbed another man to death on a subway train; grand jury declined to indict him; I wonder why (photo)?

By N.S.

“accused j train stabber acted in self-defense, won’t face charges in fatal nyc subway brawl: sources”

“Jordan Williams, 20, who was arrested in the june 13 stabbing death of a rowdy ex-con aboard a brooklyn j train, will not face an indictment after a grand jury...”

I knew before I saw Jordan Williams’ face that he was black. If he were White, he’d have been charged. Simple as that.

Billy Pilgrim
5 hours ago

“Penny choked a dude who never touched anyone for 15 minutes.”

N.S.: Oh, so now it’s 15 minutes. Next time it’ll be what, 20? (Blocked by the new york post’s censor--twice.)

“non-criminal” Jordan Williams


Anonymous said...

So you can stab in self defense,but not neckhold in self defense.The White guys like Chauvin and Penny pick the wrong people to confront--namely drug addicted blacks.
They die of a cardiac event and you go to prison.

Precedent is being set.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Guy he stabbed had actually punched his girlfriend so that's likely the reasoning that it was legit self defense, or defense of another person. Now if Williams had been White, would the grand jury have then declined to indict him? Who knows for sure, probably would depend on the details of what happened but they'd be looking real hard for some kind of racial bias in that case. If someone came out of the woodwork and said he used the n word once, or complained about his loud music lol, he'd be toast. Since the players in this case were all black, it's easy for them to make the decision not indict because there will be no protests. No contradiction here, some differences in the cases but I believe they were both legit "defense of others" killings.

Neely didn't actually hit anyone but he was threatening to hurt someone, he was unarmed but a young male doesn't need a weapon to be a threat to most people. A young athletic male like that is quite capable of easily injuring or even killing the elderly, children, handicapped, most women and even some other young males with his natural physical abilities alone. His body is a weapon so the idea that he was "unarmed" so no actual threat is absurd. If it was that easy for Penny to kill Neely, think of how easy it would have been for Neely to kill more vulnerable people in that subway car.

Anonymous said...

"Jordan Williams, left, with defense lawyer Jason Goldman"

Goldman, hmm. lol

So he had a nice jewish lawyer (you know, the kind that like to help criminals of color) to help him in front of the gj.

Anonymous said...

"Guy he stabbed had actually punched his girlfriend so that's likely the reasoning that it was legit self defense"

Williams got into a fight with the guy. The alleged assault of the female is the (alleged) reason for the fight. Did she appear before the GJ? Did anyone besides Williams testify that the female was assaulted first?

What kind of knife was it? Why was he in possession of a knife capable of inflicting a deadly wound? How many people walk around with such a knife?

"Now, Williams, who has no previous criminal record, is charged with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon"

What happened to the "criminal possession of a weapon" charge? Was it a charge for just possessing the weapon? Or for possessing it *AND* using it to commit the crime of 2nd degree manslaughter, which was dropped?

How about this guy?

"Man who shot NYC mugger arraigned on multiple gun charges, held on $50K bail"

Weren't charges for the death dropped? But not the weapons charges? Even though he was not in possession of the weapons at the time of the shooting? They were found at his home. Was the weapon he used to defend himself illegal? Why did the cops search his home?

So many questions ...

Anonymous said...

A White guy,getting involved with two blacks fighting,would not turn out the same way."This is just blacks being black"--and no bizness of Whitey(supposedly).That's what I hear all the time with regards to Whitey getting involved in black misbehavior.It's racist to do so.If a White guy defended a black chick from her nig boyfriend's assault,the black chick would turn on Whitey in a snap.