Sunday, June 25, 2023

The rot in “America’s” democracy, in under 1,000 words (part one)

[Part II.]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
sunday, june 25, 2023 at 12:46:00 p.m.

“(zh) the more we learn about the 2020 election, the more undeniable it becomes that Biden owes his ‘victory’ to blatant political corruption. to wit:

“1) an irs probe into Biden’s money-laundering payments from hostile nations — the normal outcome of which would have ended his candidacy — was instead given a stand-down order

“2) the fbi & irs wanted to search Biden’s house in september 2020, but were given a stand down order.

“3) the fbi authenticated Hunter’s laptop a year before the nypost first reported on its contents

“4) rather than use the laptop’s voluminous documentation of myriad felonies to initiate criminal investigations, the fbi hatched a plot to warn social media companies of an imminent ‘hack & leak’ operation of what they heavily suggested was russian disinformation

“5) the fbi used its 2016 russia collusion probe — which the Durham probe has since proven was essentially an extension of the Clinton campaign — to rationalize its meddling in the 2020 election.

“6) the fbi also conducted an influence operation with various reporters at major newspapers to convince them that forthcoming damaging reporting about Biden that they knew was true was in fact not

“7) the fbi was spying on Giuliani, when he shared the laptop’s contents with the nypost

“8) when the fbi told twitter & facebook a russian disinformation campaign was coming, they had already concluded russia wasn’t trying to game the election

“9) in their attempt to corroborate their own rumor of russian electoral influence, the fbi became aggressive with its demands for user data from twitter, eventually getting shut down for seeking users’ private info without a warrant”


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