Friday, June 30, 2023

supermarkets have to lock up ice cream to keep shoplifters at bay, and stay in business; meanwhile, the new york post blames the kung flu

By N.S.

"shoplifting in nyc is so bad supermarkets are locking up, installing anti-theft devices on $6 ice cream: 'this is the age we live in now'"

"one supermarket on the upper west side is guarding $6 cartons of Häagen-Dazs with bolted plastic tops — which can only be removed with a device at the register."

The post blocked me from commentin g on thjis one. I got "please log in to comment," but the icon didn't work for me. Full disclosure: during the late 1990s, I freelanced for the daily, but they didn't know it, since I submitted under a pseudonym. They had a rule against publishing pseudonymous work, though they broke the rule for some people.

The post shows a black woman's arm because, as everyone knows, black women are nyc's greatest heroes, in the fight against shoplifting


Anonymous said...

What caught my eye was the "Mickey Mouse" ice cream- conservatives can chant "go woke go broke" endlessly like the brainless parrots they are, but Disney probably makes so much in merchandising they'll never go under, no matter how much they lose on their horrible movies. Besides their own properties, they own Marvel, Star Wars and the Muppets- anti-trust legislation, anybody? -RM (PS- A ton of their profits likely come from 3rd world hellholes, where the natives' LAST concern is whether the company is "grooming" the kiddies)!

Anonymous said...

"Shoplifting is so bad,that the nig*ers shoot each other--in the store--just to get to the front of the line to steal."

"Stores are reporting that the flavors being stolen the most are "Dindunuffin' Double Chocolate","Strawberry Drive-by" and "Ribs,Chicken and Watermelon Neopolitan."

From Johnny Carson's "Afterlife Tonight Show" monologue.


Anonymous said...

Black thieves are very sophisticated. Liquor stores when looted the expensive spirits goes first.