Tuesday, June 27, 2023

$250M fraud lawsuit by ny criminal general Letitia James against Ivanka Trump thrown out by state appeals court

By N.S.

"new york ag's $250M fraud lawsuit against Ivanka Trump thrown out by state appeals court"

"new york attorney general Letitia James’ $250 million lawsuit alleging Ivanka Trump engaged in business fraud while at the Trump organization has been dismissed by a state appeals court."



Anonymous said...

Whitey 1
Negroes 0


Anonymous said...

It's clear James is motivated by political and racial malice.

This dismissal is for only a specific subset of allegations and is based on statute of limitations grounds.

So Trump and his family are not out of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Was all nonsense. Just want to abuse authority and cause legal problems for the entire Trump famblee out of spite and meanness.