Saturday, June 24, 2023

msnbc fake news reporter: Prigozhin is a very bad ukrainian mercenary leader

By N.S.

I know what you’re yelling at the screen: “Prigozhin is a russian mercenary leader!” Well, you’ll need to inform a certain Yasmin Vossoughian, over at msnbc, of that fact.

Yasmin Vossoughian, an iranian who has a show that runs saturdays from 3:00-5:00 p.m., was very upset today with Yevgeny Prigozhin. She said “Prigozhin said he doesn’t want to shed russian blood, but he never had any problem shedding ukrainian blood.”

Could Vossoughian really be as stupid as she sounds? Why would anyone feel bad about shedding the blood of one’s enemies during a war? It’s not like Vossoughian weeps for White Americans slaughtered by blacks, hispanics, and White communists.

Then my surfer girl rode the waves over to fox.

A veteran man fox host, Eric Shawn, was upset. He thought that Putin should feel humiliated, but he showed no signs of it.

Ditto for the crew over at msnbc.

Both msnbc and fox agreed that the 24 hours had been a disaster for Putin, but they were simply sharing a delusion. They had been hoping and praying that today would have spelled the end of the line for Putin, or at least, brought the end much nearer. Instead, the day had been a rousing success for the russian dictator, as opposed to the ukrainian and American dictators, respectively.


Anonymous said...


They've connected Putin at the hip to Trump,from Trump's time in office;The next best thing to preventing Trump from being in office or impeaching Trump,is to get Putin removed.

. A sportswriter once wrote a book,"No Cheering in the Pressbox'",I believe it was called.

Same applies here.It smacks of everything from sour grapes to PDS(Putin Derangement Syndrome)which is actually TDS,just redirected.


Anonymous said...

"Could Vossoughian really be as stupid as she sounds?"

Dunno. Never heard her.

But the MSM regards the SMO as an unjustified war of aggression being waged by Russia, so her (allegedly) saying "he never had any problem shedding ukrainian blood" aligns with that view, since she thinks Russia has no business being in Ukraine and so the war is unjust and wrong and "shedding ukrainian blood" in the context of the SMO is also wrong.

Leaders of the Third Reich were indicted on count 2 "crimes against peace" at the IMT:

Basically this was waging unjustified wars of aggression. Whatever your opinion of the IMT and the counts of the indictment might be (for example, they were only crimes ex post facto), that's the legacy in play here.

That does not seem the same as saying "Prigozhin is a very bad ukrainian mercenary leader".

Anonymous said...

Margaret Brennan reported on "Face the(Commie)Nation" that the Wagner group makes its money by running security in african countries and stealing resources."

"They rule with an iron fist,"she said.

Does that mean they're available to police african cities such as Chicago,Baltimore,New Orleans et al?

Might be an idea.