Tuesday, June 27, 2023

florida hospital falsely accused mother, who committed suicide, of abusing daughter

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tuesday, june 27, 2023 at 05:16:36 p.m. edt

florida hospital falsely accused mother, who committed suicide, of abusing daughter


Anonymous said...

Hospitals are not perfect--closer to perfectly incompetent,but that's the set up we have.


Anonymous said...

Johns Hopkins (univ etc) is in Baltimore (must be a good part of Baltimore), while Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is in St Petersburg Fl, and it is affiliated with JHU in Baltimore.

Names of hospital doctors mentioned in this story:

Dr Laleh Bahar-Posey
Dr. Farhan Malik

Seems a lady doctor working for the govt was a main actor: "pediatric physician Sally Smith, former medical director of the Pinellas County Child Protection Team." She is pictured in the article: obese, ugly (editorial comment: should not be seen as germane).

The outraged women (mostly) featured in the DM article reacting emotionally to the Netflix docu (who knows how much of it is true and not unfairly prejudicial) are probably all in favor of the govt being able to take kids away from parents generally, maybe some even in the event the parents don't want their child to receive "gender affirming" care (also maybe a Mu by proxy issue in some cases).

Also the DM article seems to also function as an ad for the law firm representing the family. Not sure why that was necessary. They stand to collect millions (the family already settled another suit for $2.5m).

But the hospital has a Jewish lawyer on their side:

['Health care providers are legally obligated to notify the Department of Children and Families when they detect signs of possible abuse or neglect,' Ethen Shapiro, an attorney representing Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital said in an email to the Tampa Bay Times.]

Never heard of CRPS before, but it's probably not unfair to call it another "disease of modern civilization". There are lots of those. Caused by the environment, poor/unnatural diet, etc. Modern medical and pharma industries make tons of money alleviating the symptoms, but not too much attn is paid to what is causing them (a difficult problem of course).

Sad story all round (including that lawyers will profit).