Saturday, June 24, 2023

Remembering Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena, gang-raped and murdered by a hispanic “immigrant” gang

Gang-rape/murder victims Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena

[Re: “houston: hispanic gang rapes and murders led to victim impact statements.”]

By Jerry PDX
saturday, june 24, 2023 at 1:07:00 a.m. edt

I remember watching a crime feature about this case; it was horrifying. I tried to find it on youtube but couldn’t. The thing I remember most was family members of the perps screaming at cameras to leave their boys alone and one of the fathers referring to the girls as “whores,” which provoked a near brawl with family members of the girls.

Here is an interesting excerpt from wiki: “Jose Ernesto Medellin appealed his execution, saying that he had informed city of houston and harris county police officers that he was a mexican citizen and that he had been unable to confer with mexican consular officials. the prosecutors said that Medellin never told authorities he was a mexican citizen. Medellin said in a sworn statement that he learned that the mexican consulate could assist him in 1997.[32] He petitioned the texas court of criminal appeals in 1998 regarding this issue; the appeal failed.[33] “Medellin’s impending execution became an international controversy since the state did not hold a hearing about whether the inability of Medellin to meet with mexican consular officials harmed his defense. the right of a defendant to talk with his or her consulate is specified in the vienna convention on consular relations; the united states is a party to the convention, although the u.s. withdrew from compulsory jurisdiction in 1986 to accept the court’s jurisdiction only on a case-by-case basis.[34] in 2004, the international court of justice responded to a lawsuit filed by mexico against the united states; the court ordered hearings to be held for inmates, including Medellín, who were denied consular rights.[35]

“in 2005, President George W. Bush ordered hearings to be held. the state of texas, represented by solicitor general Ted Cruz, challenged Bush’s order, and the supreme court of the united states ruled that only the congress of the united states has the right to order hearings to be held. in july, the world court ordered a stay of Medellin's execution.”

Any surprise that George “I-support-amnesty-for-illegal-mex” Bush would order those hearings? Medellin had just turned 18 at the time of the crime but I wonder if he would have claimed to be a daca-type kid. Suddenly after committing rape and murder, he’s actually a “mexican citizen.”

By Bradley Morris
saturday, june 24, 2023 at 9:16:00 a.m. edt

I remember this clear as day. I was living in Houston when this happened. I spoke to a police officer who had been on this case. He told me that hispanic prison gangs had declared a death sentence on ringleader Peter Cantu, because of the nature of the crime. These girls were savagely gang-raped, beaten, and then strangled with a belt. Ertman was killed first, with Pena forced to watch. Cantu then stomped on her throat to put an exclamation point on her murder. Both begged for their lives. When George Bush and the world court tried to interfere with Cantu’s execution, then governor Rick Perry told them to take a hike, they had no jurisdiction in his state.

N.S.: I can’t believe Bush’s attempted subversion of justice was that long ago.


Anonymous said...

You can't expect anything else from Mex.I lived next door to a few of them and every one in the house was a felon--except the two kids(maybe).I got them evicted,must be 6,7,8 years ago and the head of the house slashed my tires their last day as my "neighbor".
So they moved to the Mex part of Grand Rapids and every so often I'd check to see if they got arrested on a kent county website which listed arrests--and they did
--for drugs,assault etc.

Then I found a listing of an obit for the head mex maniac--dead at 44--probably offed,about 3 years ago.
A more vile family I could not imagine.Sex offenders,the mother was a hooker,the brothers were drug dealers and I think they abused the kids.He pulled a gun on the wife.

I think they are typical Mex.
to some degree.


Anonymous said...

"led to victim impact statements”

[When asked if he thought their case changed history, he said "That was a big catalyst for allowing victims to have a say in the courtroom and another big change was the right witness executions.]

Seems one implied purpose of a victim impact statement is to allow the possibility for the loss and suffering of victims to perhaps influence sentencing.

But it's possible that could work both ways.

Suppose for a moment the death penalty was possible in Iowa (it's not, it was abolished there in 1965). Now imagine the father of Mollie Tibbetts giving an impact statement where he says he does not want his daughter's murderer to get the death penalty (because Tacos). And considering that, the judge or jury decided on life instead.

Would that be OK?

Or should the view that the death penalty serves the larger purpose of deterrence prevail, so the killer gets the death penalty regardless of victim impact statements?

Of course the relatives of these two girls were happy their killers got death, and wanted to witness the executions. But it won't always be that way.

"N.S.: I can’t believe Bush’s attempted subversion of justice was that long ago."

He never met an immigrant he didn't like. Now he writes books about 'em. He helped bury the GOP and remove all doubt about the existence of a Uniparty.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I love your toxic Mex neighbor story GRA so would like to relate my own:

I hadn't been occupying my house full time due to family issues and for a couple of years it was rented out to a middle aged woman. My closest neighbor was a black renter family with a father that liked to play his music very, very loud. The sound cut right through my house and my former renter was terrified of him because she could hear him shouting racial slurs and violent threats to his wife and kid. She lived there for two years and never once complained but finally decided to move so I started working on the house to either rent out again or move in myself. I tolerated it for a while because I wasn't really living there full time but finally decided to take action. I knew the negro would not take kindly to me asking him to keep his music down so I started recording his music whenever I was at the house and keeping a journal of how long the music was on. After accumulating a substantial file of recordings I turned my phone camera on and went to his front door, I knocked on the door and when he answered politely explained to him that the music went right through my home and it was simply too loud. As expected he didn't react well, he told me he was going to do whatever the f*%#k he wanted and no MF'r was going to tell him what to do, plus some other stuff I won't repeat here. I politely, and somewhat sarcastically, thanked him and went home. Then I went to the other house I knew could hear the music and spoke to the people living there, they were a Russian immigrant family and the father told me he had complained to the guy before but he had also gotten cussed out. He seemed intimidated by the guy so I explained to him what I was doing and gave him the number and email of the property manager and management company that owned the rental, plus the number of the city agency that handles loud music complaints. He had never thought of doing those things but promised he would also start recording and email the recordings to the appropriate parties the way I had started doing. When I first spoke to the property manager he seemed doubtful and hesitant but when he heard recordings he told me I shouldn't have to listen to that and promised me to speak to the renter. I'm not certain what happened because I haven't spoken to the property manager but I think he asked them to leave because a few weeks later a U Haul appeared and my neighbor moved out. He didn't leave completely quietly though, he dumped a pile of old tires and some other junk in my yard as a parting gift.

Anytime you deal with loud music players, you have to document and record. Otherwise you're just somebody complaining, the players will deny their music is all that loud and you're just overly sensitive. Negroes might decide they heard you call them a racial slur. If you have evidence, it makes all the difference.

I think my actions were in no small inspired you GRA and your toxic Mex neighbors story. So thanks! My situation wasn't quite so challenging but was still a pain. White people have now moved in the rental and they've been great neighbors.

Can we go back to the days when we could hang "White only" signs around?

Anonymous said...

A couple of other gruesome crimes that ought to be notorious but aren't because so few people know about or would remember them. Due to the political bias of the media and the resulting national media blackout.


The murder of 13 y/o Jesse Dirkhising in Arkansas

He was sexually tortured and killed by two gay men. The crime got virtually no national media attention, whereas at around the same time the Matthew Shepard case was massively exploited by the media and political class to push "hate crime" legislation. Homosexuals were made a "protected class" in "hate crime" law due to the Shepard case.


The murder of Colorado teen (14 y/o) Brandy Duvall

She was brutally raped and murdered by Hispanic gang members at the end of May 1997.

Somewhat coincidentally, the trial of her killers started on the same day as the trial of John King, who was accused of the dragging murder of James Byrd in Texas. But there was virtually no national coverage of her death and the trials of her rapists and murderers, while the killing of black criminal James Byrd by "racists" in Texas received massive media coverage.

Later when King was convicted and sentenced to die, Tom Brokaw reported it by saying on the national news: "And in Jasper, Texas, today the racist got the death penalty."

Anonymous said...

Excellent.The "recording noise" exercise brought back memories of my apartment in the mid 90s,when I did the same thing with a heavy am/fm/tv/cassette player--which must have weighed 16 lbs--as I held it up to the ceiling to record the noise.No tiny smart phones then,lol.Anyways,yes,it pays to have evidence.Me too--my block is now White,after the removals of the Mex and 2 removals of blacks on the other side-- about 8 years ago.You can't beat it for a better,safer living environment.Fingers crossed it stays that way--I have the only house on the block that isn't a rental,but rents are now $1300 to $1800 per month--a deterrent to blacks,even with section 8(and if the landlord is smart.)

Anonymous said...

"you have to document and record"

No you don't.

Assuming you've established that it's a *chronic problem* and the people doing it obviously show no consideration for neighbors, just call the cops the next time the music (or whatever noise) is too loud. Most locales have public nuisance or disturbing the peace ordinances against things like that. Assuming they arrive in time the cops can hear it for themselves.

Doing it this way rather than talking to them first and asking them to cut the volume has advantages. First there is less risk for you in that you don't confront them. Second if they don't cooperate and you later call the cops they will have a pretty good idea about who called the cops. The cops will generally not reveal who called them. When they can hear the noise for themselves there is no need. The noise is clearly too loud so it could have been anyone in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

You call the cops and after they leave,the spics come over and shoot you.I did it through the landlord--giving her info to get them evicted--and they still knew who it WAS--but I didn't get shot.The first time I had a problem with the spics(2 am,loud noise)I confronted them and the head spic came up to me,nose to nose and said,"You better show me some respect."
"I said,"You're not showing ME any respect,playing that music at 2 in the morning."

And the war was on--which I won.


Anonymous said...

"Medellin’s impending execution became an international controversy since the state did not hold a hearing about whether the inability of Medellin to meet with mexican consular officials harmed his defense."

He had no defense. And his denial was in accord with American selective processing of such requests.

The bad guy brought it all on himself.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
There are ordinances about excessive noise in our city but cops may or may not help you depending on their mood, disposition or belief whether or not it's something worth their time. Having evidence could be the difference for a cop in deciding to help you out, so it's much better to have it, otherwise it's just your word he's going on. I like my method anyways, didn't just quiet him down but got rid of him for good, THAT's what documentation did for me.

Anonymous said...


HOUSTON, Texas (KWTX) - Uffot Williams, 31, has been charged with three counts of sexual assault on women he met through dating apps, and the Houston Police Department believes there may be more victims.
"No man,that wasn't me.")

During a news conference, HPD said Williams used various social media websites, and dating platforms, to sexually assault women. HPD believes Williams may have drugged the women prior to sexually assaulting them.

(GRA:female at bar:"What's your name,sugar?"
female:"How DARE you ask me that--and yes I did"--walks off).

All three women shared similar stories of their encounters with Williams from October 2021 through January 2022, according to police.

Uffot Williams, 31.
Uffot Williams, 31.(Houston PD)

Each women reported being brought to bars on the Richmond and Westheimer strips by Williams.

“In all three cases the victims reported being taken back to hotels by Mr. Williams then waking up alone naked from the waist down,” Romona Chapa with HPD’s Adult Sex Crimes Unit said. “Each victim recalls being incapacitated after consuming alcoholic beverages brought to them by Mr. Williams.”

DNA evidence was collected from the victims and in late 2022 a match occurred between the three cases that matched Williams DNA, HPD said.

Williams admitted to being in an “intimate” relationship with two of the three women, Chapa said.

On May 15, 2023, Williams was arrested on the charges. William’s bond is set to $75,000 for each case and remains at the Harris County Jail.