Wednesday, June 28, 2023

watch: dozens of moslem thugs torch Paris and assault police officers after career criminal, 17, is killed by cop – the Lügenpresse and "witnesses" have lied, claiming driver was “executed” (videos)"; the algerian "victim" was cheated out of tens of thousands of crimes he would otherwise have committed

By R.C.
wednesday, june 28, 2023 at 11:21:23a.m. edt

"watch: dozens of angry minority youths torch Paris and assault police officers after teen driver is killed by cop – media and witnesses claim driver was “executed,” but video proves there’s more to the story (videos)"

"the daily mail reported that by early wednesday morning Paris police had made 24 arrests. there are certainly more suspects still at large as one can see in the videos."

dm: "youths poured onto the streets yesterday, setting fire to bins and hurling fireworks at police. as night fell, cars and buildings were torched and the violence spread to other suburbs across the city. the police officer who shot the boy was last night in custody, and interior minister Gerald Darmanin appealed for calm.

"prosecutors confirmed that the unidentified officer responsible for the shooting is being investigated for murder."

"youths started fires throughout nanterre this evening in protest at the shooting of 17-year-old Nael"

"a firefighter walks past a smouldering vehicle destroyed by protesters in nanterre"


Anonymous said...

Minority youths are the same all over,they need to stay where they're the majority--in their own countries--but they don't like that either.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
When is there ever not "more to the story"?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to all the riots because Macron was raising the pension age?One day crowds were filling Paris,then...nothing.The protesters said,"We'll never leave."
That was two months ago and now a story about this seems to indicate otherwise--meaning new riots replace old riots.


Anonymous said...

Cop being investigated for murder. He is going down big time regardless whether the shooting justified or not.

Anonymous said...

Everything about "diverse" societies is unnatural and abnormal. Reactions to incidents like this just highlight that.

In the video (which someone just happened to be shooting?) the cop clearly already has his weapon out and is pointing it at the driver thru the windshield. There must have been a reason for that.

Why didn't the person just comply?

Although there are just plain shitty cops. Recall the 3 in Texas recently charged with shooting and killing a middle aged woman who had only a hammer. That was in no way necessary and they deserve to face charges.

Anonymous said...

"Everything about 'diverse' societies is unnatural and abnormal. "

Correct. And USA leading the entire universe in abnormality. Different religions, races, languages all in one spot. No going back now.