Monday, June 26, 2023

Georgia news (with graphic graphics!)

By An Old Friend
monday, june 26, 2023 at 05:35:56 p.m. edt

Georgia news

Mug shot of economic crime suspect, Alteria Williams, 27, of the Spalding county tax commissioner's office

cherokee county gangbangers

Tyjuan “TK” Shecorn Burch, 22
Quinn “Chucky” Chajuan Dawson, 23
Jacquez “Joc” Daquan Ivey, 23
Darell “Rell” Marrion, 21
Johnmarvalious “Wixked” Givens, 22
Quanjavis “Boochie” Jawayne Jones, 21
Detravious “Trey” Long, 22


Anonymous said...

Just investigate EVERY black in these jobs and you'll nail well over 50% for fraud.


Anonymous said...

I might think those negro names of the perpetrators were posted as a joke for the readers but understand fully well that is who they are correctly are.

Anonymous said...

"My name is Quanjavis but my friends call me Boochie."

Nicholas said...

Anon June 27, 2023 1:37 a.m.

No joke. Those were the exact names in the news story.

Anonymous said...

I really wish the colored would stop giving their chirrens those goofy names. But they will never stop. Indeed, the more you tell them stop the more inclined they are to just cause aggravation. Chirrens.

Anonymous said...

If they spent even a quarter of the time they wasted coming up with these ridiculous names for themselves--on more productive things(like working),they'd be better off.