Wednesday, June 28, 2023

"free steals" are defended; msm seek to get vegas cashier prosecuted for shooting to death tatted-up, unwed mom who neglected* her four children to go steal a salad for her GF at midnight

By "W"
wednesday, june 28, 2023 at 02:01:56 p.m. edt

"free steals" are defended

*That's assuming her kids were even in her care.


Anonymous said...

Well even I will admit,shooting someone over a salad is a little extreme.


Anonymous said...

"free steals" are defended

Dunno, seems this may be the reason people are upset:

"As Armijo was walking away from the store, Wright said Armijo was shot in the back three times."

Is that defensible? Even if it was more than a salad?

Maybe rather than "defending free steals" they are questioning whether it was necessary to shoot the woman in the back? Could be. Seen stranger things on the internet.

Seems there was also some kind of physical confrontation beforehand. Still.

Likely barrio lottery winners.

But look at the photos. Hard to imagine lower quality human capital. Maybe pygmies in Africa? Abos in Australia?

The new America.

Aside from printing money, these people can only exist within a bigger, largely white tax base. But that is rapidly shrinking.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "Tale of Two Cities" type of story. The loaf of stolen bread for the little chirrens starving to death, etc.