Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The SPLC’s New Fundraising Letter was Inspired by a Journalist It Refuses to Name!



“The idea that black people are wantonly attacking white people in some sort of quiet race war is an untruthful and damaging narrative with a very long history in America. White Americans’ unsubstantiated views about the potential of violence from black people was the number one excuse they used to justify slavery, lynching, Jim Crow and various forms of mass incarceration. Never was Klan violence or the lynching of black people by white people ascribed to an inherent white trait. Without the ability to claim oppression of black people as a form of self-defense, racial segregation and white supremacy would be seen for what they are: rank oppression of other people for financial or other benefit.”
N.S.: Hey, that’s me, in the first sentence! Don’t believe me? Look below:

December 5, 2008

On Wednesday, The Baltimore Sun published an attack by Ron Smith on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization known nationally for its lawsuits against and investigations of white supremacist hate groups in America (“The truth about ‘hate crimes’ and the racial justice racket,” Commentary, Dec. 3).

Aside from a great deal of unsubstantiated name-calling, Mr. Smith mentions an essay written by Nicholas Stix, a man Mr. Smith sparely describes as a “columnist and blogger.”

What Mr. Smith declines to say is that Mr. Stix is a well-known white nationalist who recently prepared a lengthy introduction to an article,* published by the National Policy Institute, that paints “a statistical and narrative portrait of the war on white America.”

In it, Mr. Stix concludes that the Brown v. Board of Education ruling outlawing school segregation was “arguably the worst decision” in the Supreme Court’s history. “Integration and the civil rights movement,” Mr. Stix continues, “led directly to the destruction of great cities.”

Many of Mr. Stix’s articles, which dwell heavily on what he sees as a huge wave of anti-white hate crime committed by black people, are archived at the VDARE Web site.

With Mr. Stix, Mr. Smith claims that the October murder of an interracial couple in Winchester, Calif., allegedly by four black men, was motivated by race hate - despite the statements of police that the motive was robbery.

Mr. Smith goes on to describe hate crime legislation as a “questionable legal construct used almost exclusively against whites.”

Actually, the concept has been ratified by the Supreme Court in a case in which the defendant was a black man who had attacked whites because of their race. Yet that doesn’t stop Mr. Smith from claiming that “the truth is one thing and the liberal agenda is another.”

Mark Potok, Montgomery, Ala.
The writer is director of the Intelligence Project for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

*Actually, my good friend Mark erred, in describing me as having written “a lengthy introduction to an article.” In fact, I wrote the introduction to an over 45,000-word NPI report, The State of White America – 2007, which I edited and co-wrote, and which can be downloaded for free at NPI.

I have a feeling that Mark neglected to read more than the introduction. I’m immensely proud of that report, which two brilliant social scientists, statistician [4-19/00 correction: economist] Ed Rubinstein and historian Robert J. Stove, together wrote with me, and want everyone to read it.

I realize that Mark is terribly busy, what with phoning in race hoaxes all the time, cashing supporters’ checks, and having meetings, but mightn’t it be a good thing for the director of an alleged “Intelligence Project” to spend a wee bit of time collecting … intelligence?

I appreciate that Mark incorporated the correction I had made of his misquotation of me as having called Brown, “arguably the worse [sic] decision” in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court.

As for my being a “white nationalist,” which is a leftist code phrase for “neo-Nazi,” that description will give those familiar with me and my work a hearty belly laugh. For those not yet in on the joke, the only way to “get it” is to read my work, which you can do for free! My work is accessible at archives for VDARE.com’s “front page” and blog; on my blogs, Nicholas Stix, Uncensored, The Critical Critic, Wikipedia Follies, The Zebra Project, and Schuyleriana: The Work and Life of George Schuyler; at my Web site, A Different Drummer, and oh, about a dozen other places on the Web, give or take.

Back to the present: Where blacks in America are concerned, slavery was an institution that was founded in the colonies by blacks on both sides of the Atlantic. But you can trust the SPLC to lie most of the time. (My good friend Mark, who mysteriously left the outfit last year, did not lie about my empirically-based positions.)

I have advantages over other honest observers of race in America. They are Darwinists, while I am not. (I have concluded that Darwin was the father of Nazism, though that is not why I believe he was more a philosopher than a scientist.) And they are biological reductionists. I have never heard any of them speak of the role of culture/nurture in black-on-white violence. Conversely, I maintain that culture/nurture (e.g., genocidal black supremacist and communist ideologies, which include lies about the present and past) are factors just as significant as nature in black-on-white violence.

Please help me continue my work, in fighting the genocide of the white race and of America, by hitting the PayPal “Donate” button at the top of the page, and making a generous contribution.

I thank you, and your posterity will, too.


Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
No matter how often you, your white friends and relatives are assaulted, raped or murdered by blacks in an ongoing pattern of racist violence, any attempt to bring attention to it will result in a chorus of "400 years oppression", as if it somehow makes it OK. Just reparations after all.

Pax Romana said...

“The idea that black people are wantonly attacking white people in some sort of quiet race war is an untruthful and damaging narrative with a very long history in America."

Back to reality:

[White Couple] Attacked In Deep Ellum Share Story, + (Video)

by Erin Jones | CBS11


DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Over the weekend a violent attack was captured on camera in Deep Ellum. It happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday outside of The Bomb Factory and left two people badly injured.

Brandon Aruffo and Mikaela Benatti said they were heading home after a night out when it happened.

“It just happened so quickly,” Benatti said. “We were walking down Henry and took a left on to Canton. These guys came out of nowhere.”

In the surveillance video you can see Aruffo is punched from behind. He hits ground and is knocked unconscious. One of the men then moves to Benatti. He knocks her to her knees and tries to take her purse.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2018/06/18/pair-attacked-deep-ellum/

“He just started hitting me and I have a crossbody, a little clutch that wraps around, and he was trying to pull it off of me,” Benatti said. “The worst part to me is the strap broke and they just walked off. They didn’t run. It definitely seemed like something they had done before.”

Benatti said the two men walked off with her purse and Aruffo’s wallet. She called 911 and waited for an ambulance to arrive. They were both treated for bad injuries.

“I have a concussion, some staples back here, some stitches in my lip” Aruffo said.

Benatti has face fractures and bruised knees.

The two said they won’t be coming back to Deep Ellum any time soon. They believe the area is becoming too dangerous.

“I just don’t feel safe going there,” Aruffo said. “If you do go to Deep Ellum it’s safer to travel in a pack,” Aruffo said.

Saturday’s incident is just one of a series of violent attacks in Deep Ellum recently.

In late May a woman was jumped outside of Bucky Moonshine’s and in April a woman was violently punched outside of Adams Hats Lofts. It happened just across the street from where Aruffo and Benatti were attacked.

Police are trying to identify the two men seen attacking Aruffo and Benatti in the video."

Pax Romana said...

Next day:

[Black]Woman yells she 'hates white people,' attacks [White] senior citizens on Md. bus

Gaithersburg police said two senior citizens were on the bus when a black woman got on the bus and said she "hated white people" several times.

Author: Arielle Buchmann

June 19, 2018

GERMANTOWN, Md. -- A 24-year-old woman allegedly stated several times that she hated white people and then assaulted two people on a bus in Germantown, police said.

The incident happened on June 4, 2018 around 9 p.m. while a bus was headed to Germantown in the area of N. Frederick Avenue and Travis Avenue

Gaithersburg police said two senior citizens were on the bus when a black woman got on and said she "hated white people" several times. The woman then physically assaulted the elderly woman. The elderly man then stepped in and tried to stop the assault from happening. Police said he was assaulted.

The bus driver stopped the bus and the suspect got off.

Police later arrested Kimberly Jordan, 24, of Silver Spring. Both of the victims sustained minor victims."


Anonymous said...

“'arguably the worst decision' in the Supreme Court’s history. 'Integration and the civil rights movement,'”

Correct. The jutices did what they thought was just and not what was law. "We don't do justice sir, we do law!' - - Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Correct too. The court does not do justice, they do law.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Yet another driving drunk latino. From the article:

A University of Oregon student involved in a crash Friday morning that killed a former Oregon Ducks football player has been arrested.

Pedro Chavarin Jr., 22, faces a charge of first-degree manslaughter in the death of Fotu Tuli Leiato. Chavarin was arrested at 4 p.m. Tuesday, hours after a hospital spokesperson said he was no longer a patient.

Little is known about Chavarin. He is listed as an undergraduate at the university, majoring in general social science.

Chavarin was allegedly under the influence of intoxicants when he rolled his Kia sedan on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard near Kinsrow Avenue at 2:30 a.m. Friday.

Immediately after the crash, he told Eugene police that he did not have any passengers in his car. He was taken to PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield.

But at daylight, a person walking in the area of where Chavarin’s car had rolled, saw a hand in the bushes, Eugene police said.

The body of Leiato, 21, then was discovered. Police said he had been a passenger in Chavarin’s vehicle.


Chavarin hid the body and lied about having a passenger. More of their best and brightest bringing those old traditions of driving drunk and killing people.