Thursday, June 28, 2018

MSNBC’s Report Today, Same as Yesterday and Tomorrow’s Reports: Trump Sucks!

By Nicholas Stix

MSNBC’s 2 p.m. gang member-host peddled a new insult to First Lady Melania Trump: Somehow, she was dressed inappropriately (“fiasco”) for her visit to illegal alien children today. Melania Trump succeeded the tackiest First Lady in American history, and yet I never heard the MSM insult Michelle “Obama’s” taste, or anything else about her.

There is no depth to which these mopes will not stoop against the Trumps.

The gang member also turned reality upside down, in switching the unfitness of the illegal alien criminals, in putting the children they brought with them in harm’s way, to the government’s failure, in being unprepared to reunite the children with already deported “parents.”

The adult illegal alien criminals caused this situation, not the government, but the MSM love colored criminals, and have a murderous hatred for hate white patriots.

Media gang member Natasha Bertrand of The Atlantic was then a guest, and lied, with a smug face, asserting that President Trump “is still in denial about Russian interference in the election.”

Bertrand is completely fact-resistant, even at this late date.

There were more lies, but I wasn’t taking notes, and couldn’t possibly remember them all.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news from Annapolis:Mass shooting woth several fatalities at a newspaper.Suspect caught.

Anonymous said...

Probably penicillin resistant too.Maybe that's why the brains are gone.