Monday, June 11, 2018

Shameless CNN Red Christiane Amanpour’s Shameless Snipe at President Trump

By Nicholas Stix

About an hour ago, Amanpour, the best friend of dictators, was editorializing on air, presumably from Singapore, and maintained that there were three figures without whom this meeting would not have happened: “the South Korean President,” “the U.S. Administration,” and the leader of North Korea.

She made a point of slighting the single figure most responsible for bringing about this meeting: American President Donald J. Trump.

Trump's staff had nothing to do with bringing this about. It was all Trump.

I hammer Trump when he’s wrong, but I give him his due, when he’s right. Amanpour just hates him, and refuses to ever give him credit.

Note, too that she said "Korean," but "U.S.," so she slighted America, too.

People under a certain age will not know this, and those of certain sympathies will refuse to admit this, but "U.S." is with rare exceptions, an improper adjective.

Not so long ago, "American" was the adjective, not "U.S."

When I attended college in the late 1970s and early '80s, there was no course in "U.S. History" It was called "American History." Even When communist director Rob Reiner made a movie, it wasn't called The U.S. President," but The American President (1995).

People understood that there was something mystically powerful about America and its people. One of racial socialists' many tactics was to destroy that power, and thereby to destroy America. Instead of being Americans, we would just be "U.S. citizens." But all over the world, people dreamed of going not to "the U.S.," but to America.

In 2010, when Jon Voight rallied patriots to oppose the Obamacare bill at the Capitol, he talked about how proud we were to be Americans.

(Sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s memos started going out in media operations and public schools, telling people to drop the adjective, "American." I recall circa 1987, a bunch of rich, pampered Fulbright "scholars" from Central and South America lecturing me in my own home that they were all just as much "Americans" as I was. If that happened to me know, I'd counter, you don't tell new acquaintances, "I'm an American," you say, "I'm a Colombian," "I'm a Honduran," "I'm an Argentinian," etc. (My Honduran Fulbright housemate was hosting them.)

About a month ago, I saw a different female MSM operative on a panel on CNN or MSNBC mutter grudgingly, ‘I suppose we’ll have to give Trump some credit, if this works out’ (paraphrase).


Anonymous said...

Time Warner and At&T were allowed to merge late today,by a judge overseeing the case,paving the way for other takeovers--including Comcast and Disney fighting it out over FOX.
I was watching FOX today and one broadcaster(Colin McShane) made a somewhat nervous sounding statement,ABOUT FOX being swallowed up by other corporations,saying that"There's no guarantee that anything won't happen now."
Including the last semi-conservative network turning into MSNBC at some point.THAT would be the perfect time to cut cable completely(already dumped half).
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Reading more about bidding wars on FOX entities--right now,FOX NEWS and sports are NOT part of any acquisition attempts by Comcast or Disney.
So far.
I always get the feeling once a company starts liquidating its properties,sooner or later,the rest of it goes as well.
Stay tuned,as they say.

--GR Anonymous