Friday, June 08, 2018

A Mouthpiece, a Tool, and a Fool: Sean Hannity Disgraces Himself, Shilling for Convicted Drug Dealer Alice Johnson… and for Trump’s Sell-Out

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 9:48:00 P.M. EDT

I watched "Hannity" tonight, and I don't care how many times he pounds the table, extolling DJT's commutation of a drug dealer’s sentence, I will not be a sheep and agree—because Hannity says so—it was the right thing to do. It's almost comical to see Hannity congratulate Alice Johnson, while underplaying her drug dealing, by describing Johnson's drug corporation as "a one-time crime and everyone deserves a second chance."

Do the people who did business with Johnson (she sold cocaine and meth for four years) and bought the farm, get a second chance? Only if there's reincarnation.

Hannity looked like a mouthpiece, a tool, and a fool, defending an indefensible decision to give Johnson clemency. I hope Kardashian's home has a mailbox bigger than her butt, because the amount of letters, sent from prison to her mansion, will be voluminous.

Which will mean MORE pardon requests. Can Trump say no?


Anonymous said...

Africans in America all need a second chance or a third or a fourth or a .......

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of Lesta Holt's becoming proactive(again) in a black's release from prison.By using the airwaves to try and circumvent and cut short a prison sentence for a proven criminal,Holt crosses a huge line that is called objectivity and neutrality.But he's done it now for years,with police cam vids,that were aired with the express purpose of sparking black violence.
To summarize,THIS particular thug,Matthew Charles,committed most every crime in the book--except for murder--and was sentenced to 35 years in prison,back in 1996.Obama,during his last year in office, decided to release felons like Matthew Charles-- a "harmless" black,who dealt crack,was a domestic assault artist and a firearms lawbreaker(many other crimes)--and Obama did so,but it turns out,Matthew Charles was not eligible to be released.
Therefore,for two years he's been wrongfully among us,but the system caught up to him finally,
and said to him that he's got to serve the remaining 9 years.
Which is not what Lesta wants OR KIM K wants--again.
So we have a new game show to go with "The Black Lottery",it's called,"Pardon me,Mr President?"--where blacks get to ask for early release from some of the most antisocial crimes and sentences you can think of.
Lesta's "definitive" proof that Charles should get a pardon?During those 2 years he was out of prison--he didn't commit a crime.Of course not--probably knowing he shouldn't have been out in the first place,he acted normal.Someone once wrote a song with the lyric,"We're all normal when we want our freedom."I believe that fits Charles perfectly.
And two years clean is no indicator of being reformed.Many career criminals lay low for a while and then revert back to their criminality.If Hannity is a tool and a fool,Holt is a scam and a sham of an anchor.By turning his newscasting position into a bully pulpit,Holt's no longer just a newsman.Fire him and let him do his black activism elsewhere.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This Alice did spend some considerable time in prison. Probably much more than most drug dealers.