Thursday, June 14, 2018

“Concentration Camps” in America? Movement to Introduce New Blood Libel Gathers Steam

By A Texas Reader

Movement to Call Migrant Detention Centers "Concentration Camps" Swells Online

Critics aren't doing their due diligence by labeling prisons for migrants "detention centers," a growing number of activists and critics argue.


Anonymous said...

Lesta devoted 3-5 minutes for a report,"inside detention centers,where children are separated from their parents for days.The chillen are frightened.Our video was not allowed inside.There's no reason to believe the treatment is poor,however the numbers of chillen,isolated from their families is growing."
Lesta loves sayin'the word,"chillen."
It's for maximum effect of course.Though he has yet to say,"Cries of the chillen were heard coming from the detention center--howling like wolves in the night..etc"--it can't be far behind.
A crock of bullsh*t.
One of the headlines from the Baltimore Sun blared,"Children (Chillen)RIPPED FROM THEIR PARENTS--WHAT WILL YOU DO"?(google it).
I hear,what the Republicans are going to do,is outlaw the above actions with a bill in the next day or so.The chillen will be back with their illegal,border crossing,padres in no time.
This bill,plus Trump's pardoning of blacks,is pure politics.Maybe good for Republicans,but mal trato (a bad deal)for Americans.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Crossing the border illegally with small children in tow is child abuse. Children abused by their parents need to be taken away for their own good.