Friday, June 22, 2018

San Antonio Man Accused of Stabbing Boyfriend to Death Sobs on Witness Stand after Grisly Photos Shown


Killer David Asa Villarreal weeping on the witness stand; WEJB/NSU could find no photos of his victim, Aaron Estrada, or of Jimena Valenzuela, the third angle of the triangle. Villareal was doing methamphetamines, sleeping with, and plotting Estrada's murder with Valenzuela, who was supposedly Estrada's best friend. Such good friends.

By A Texas Reader

David Asa Villarreal, accused of killing his boyfriend because he was afraid he secretly was being recorded in their apartment, sobbed on the witness stand when a prosecutor showed him pictures of the stabbing victim.

ATR: A bisexual, bilingual, binational parasite.

Hasta la vista, vato!

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Anonymous said...

Biting noses off,stabbings--why those queers seem positively repressed(and mentally ill).
---GR Anonymous