Saturday, June 30, 2018

Democrat New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan: It was O.K. for Intern Caitlin Marriott to Shout “F—k You!” at President Trump in the Capitol Building


Scowling, potty-mouthed Marxist, Caitlin Marriott: In better times, she would have been arrested for disorderly conduct, fired, and permanently barred from the Capitol

By Nicholas Stix

If it’s permissible to curse out the President, why did Hassan suspend Marriott for a week?

At The Washington Times.


Senator Maggie Hassan (Marx-N.H.)


Anonymous said...

I assumed she would have been fired immediately and not allowed anywhere near the Capitol. It was a breach of protocol, not to mention unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

This bulletin just in:
It's early in the process,but Democrats seem to be gravitating to a presidential ticket of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Jarrod Ramos for a 2020 run against Donald Trump.In a survey done by "Democratic Insider (Bi-Yearly)" magazine,of influencial major Democratic bigwigs,the recently rumored pairing of Cortez/Ramos edged out the rumored tandem of Oprah Winfrey and black serial killer,Lonnie Franklin Jr (the Grim Sleeper)by a 35% to 25% margin.
Cortez confirmed yesterday that she liked Ramos"as an enforcer.With him around,Republicans wouldn't mess with me.Plus,all my voters look up to murderers and drug dealers anyways,so it's win-win."
After hearing about a possible Cortez/Ramos ticket,Winfrey immediately followed Cortez'lead and went to San Quentin prison to vet Franklin about his past.After interviewing Franklin for hours,Winfrey found no redeeming qualities and decided Franklin "could be" vice presidential material.Both Dem VP picks would need to be pardoned by President Trump beforehand,because as Winfrey said,"Who wants to have your running mate get executed by the state-- in the middle of a campaign?"
It was reported Trump would probably agree to release the felons,for the obvious political advantage he assumes would occur.
Both Cortez and Winfrey said they reserved the right to change their minds,as "there are many other worthy candidates including,Louis Farrakan,Keith Ellison,Maxine Waters,Al Sharpton."
But,as Cortez babbled,"Si,I think we are looking for new blood (GRA:so to speak)to help the party.I think some of our best untapped talent is on death row--or in Ramos' case,he soon will be."
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Yes,that was one of my attempts at some satirical commentary.Better make that