Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Usual Suspects--4,000-5,000 Pounds of Them--Rip Off Memphis Restaurant for $420 (Video)


I'm sure they've been ripping off restaurants all over town, so all an establishment has to do is post stills from the CCTV video, wait for them to show up (or to return), and immediately call the cops when they do--that is, if they're not abject cowards, terrified of demonstrations organized by the black supremacist, NAACP


By Grand Rapids Anonymous

This story and video is an example of the country that has replaced the one we remembered yesterday.

At Fox17.

$420 Dine N Dash, 20 People Skip Paying Bill, Ordered Most Expensive Items 30m Before Closing


Anonymous said...

It's racist to expect blacks to pay their restaurant tab these days.They look like GR nigs,on vacation,in Memphis.If that's true,Please keep them

RustyHammer said...

This is their world, we just live in it. And because of all the supposed oppression buy all white racists, they are entitled to it. And 40 acres and a mule. It's only going to get worse!

Anonymous said...

That is how it is done. A business. Order a huge enormous meal, eat 3/4 of the food and then say it tastes no good and just walk out the door, dare the staff to stop you. Probably a lot easier and cheaper just to let them go. Otherwise, YES, all sorts of negro agitators will show up to make a further scene far worse.

jeigheff said...

Thieves, among others, will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.