Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Serial Lesbians Get Caught in Hate Hoax… Again!

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 11:10:00 P.M. EDT

White Oregon Man Exonerated, as Lying Lesbos Get Caught Making False Charges

Two whacked-out women accused a white guy of road rage, assault, and battery, but the charges were dropped by prosecutors.

Get this, they've done it before. The women are "engaged," with one of them made up to look like a man, from the pics I've seen. Jerry PDX, what's going on up there? (Chuckle.)

At Fox17.


Chicago guy said...

Saw the story in the DailyMail. It would take a lot of power to break the back window of a car with one's bare hands so I really wondered at that. Like a fool I took the story at face value. Apparently there's a lot of frauds like this who go around causing other people major problems. These two need to be charged for this.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
What's going on? Just another typical week of fake hate crimes and virtue signaling liberals, it never ends around here, Portland seems to have more than it's share of these kind of incidents, why that is I'm not exactly sure though I have some theories. There are things that constantly happen around here that don't make the national media that I don't even bother to send, I get a little overwhelmed sometimes and just tune them out.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, Dykes! Sounds like a hate crime against a white male--of course white males are not a protected class--they have a permanent target painted on them and it is open season for various minorities ready to claim victimhood. The question is: are these lesbians just deranged by hate for straight males, or were they looking for a big payday?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
We're getting blanketed in PDX with this hate crime story, as we do with all these (the more obviously phony they are the more the media plays them up, just another typical news day in Oregon) but it's clear it's just another hoax. Typical road rage and nothing more except two lesbians decided to make a play for public sympathy using their status as "oppressed gender minorities". One thing that jumps out at you is that the Barbeau and his wife are admitting some responsibility for their behavior whereas the lesbians are doing the "dindu nuffin" routine. I remember when the story first hit they were playing the victim role to the hilt, posing and posturing for the cameras while crying crocodile tears and the local SJW community quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Police accepted their version of events and jailed the "hate perp" Mr. Barbeau without bothering to check the details. Standard procedure for cops here in Oregon. Bizarre considering some of the details were absurd from the get go, for instance, Ms. Stackhouse claimed Mr. Barbeau broke her arm but she then left her car and hit Mr. Barbeau's car hood multiple times with that very same broken arm, but somehow police didn't notice how ridiculous that was. However, upon closer examination their story started falling apart and when the news came out that Stackhouse had a history of instigating road rage incidents herself, the police released Mr. Barbeau and dropped all charges. https://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2018/06/prosecutors_drop_charges_again.html

I've noticed whenever diversity incidents happen, the "oppressed minorities" are always saints, never admitting to nuttin', whereas the other side presents a version of events that more reasonably approximates truth. The reason they don't admit to nuttin is because they always have something to hide.