Saturday, June 16, 2018

Islam also Spreads Racism: Muslim Students to Swedish Teacher: Won't Listen to You "Because You're White"

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

Muslim Students to Swedish Teacher: Won't Listen to You "Because You're White"

Teachers worried Koran school adversely impacting Swedish curriculum


Anonymous said...

There are whites left in Sweden?With or without their heads.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Segregate them in their own schools and allow their imams and other religious teachers to instruct them. But don't mix them with the white Swedish [real Swedish] kids.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, just tell the bunch of them to go home where ever home is. And go for good.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Doesn't help that most of these migrant children are "boys", and that many of these "children" are already adult men posing as kids. It's always harder to break through to sexist male minds than female ones. There is a skewed gender ratio in now in Sweden: 123 males per 100 females in Sweden, an even higher ratio than in China, a country that practices female infanticide on a mass scale:

I just watched Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley on TV posing and posturing about the "children" separated from their parents being held in a migrant detention center.
This is purely a PR move, Merkley says nothing about what's really going on. You can read the truth here:
Of course, it's not as simple as being presented. The detention center Merkley was staking out was composed of 1500 male "children", no females whatsoever. There does not appear to be a corresponding female detention center so that tells us that it's mostly only boys being sent to the US. Many of these "children" were brought by smugglers, not their parents, many of these children came unaccompanied over the border so there are no parents to have been separated from. If you look at the profiles of these "boys" in the video you will note they almost all seem to be in the 15-17 yr. age range, very few younger ones and many look like they could be adult size. How many are adult men posing as children? So there are perfectly legitimate reasons as to why there is a detention center for younger migrants. You'll never hear any of that from the likes of Merkel. BTW, I didn't vote for that asshole but I'm surrounded by brain dead liberals that did.