Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Fraudulent “Athletes” Steal Track Championships


Terry Miller says he’s a girl, and Connecticut law backs him up; the law is an ass

Ditto for “Andraya” Yearwood

By “W”

Who could guess? A biological male who “identifies” as female finished first in a girl’s event.



Anonymous said...

More of it. Much more. NO girl should ever win a female event ever again. If you feel you are a girl, then you can claim you are a girl. Used the toilet with the girls at school too. Why not? Please, more insanity.

Anonymous said...

All competitive events must have two events for each event, one for males claiming to be females or they were males before they became females etc. Legalities or disclaimers can be workout in courts. Its the only fair way. If there are questions or problems the awards can be held up until the problems are resolved.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
If you go to the CBS article it quotes a few people who believe it's OK for men to compete with women, as women. Gives you insight as to just how insane, or insanely stupid, these people are:

“You have some people who believe men are stronger and faster so I can understand if an athlete is born male but identifying as a female and compete as one, some females will feel a particular way about it,” Clinton Baker said.

“If she identifies as a girl then I think she should be able to run in the race because she can use the ladies room, she can wear a skirt, why not run and stay active,” Natasha Morgan said.

“The cream rises to the top,” Baker added. “Athletes now will tell you if you put UConn women on the court with men, UConn men might lose. It’s all in the spirit of competition, hard work and heart.”

OK Mr. Baker, some people don't believe men are stronger and faster than women, most people know for a fact that men are stronger and faster than women because it is absolute biological fact. It's just that "some people" believe there is no difference biologically between male and female athletic abilities. Those few delusional idiots are trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. Then you tell us that some people are saying if you put women on the court with men then they "might" win. What people say that? Give us their names. No Mr. Baker, they won't win, unless the men are fooling around and let them. I don't know if you're talking about basketball or tennis courts but regardless of what court you're talking about, women will still lose any serious competition.

Ms. Morgan, what on earth does using a woman's bathroom and wearing a skirt have to do with what you do on the athletic field? What is the connection there? OK, if LeBron James wears a skirt and uses the women's bathroom then I guess he should be allowed to compete in the WNBA.

The minds of these delusional PC ideologues it too much to believe, that they can deny biological certainty with such sincerity, or fanaticism, is beyond human reason, but there they are saying this nonsense.

Nicholas said...


Counterfeit consensus.

Some lefties may have spoken that way to the "reporters," but I guarantee you that others spoke sanity, and were therefore cut from the tape.

One of the tactics of the racial socialist alliance is to make decent people feel like perverts. "Nobody agrees with you." "You're the only one who talks like that."

In Thomas Sowell's 1993 book, Inside American Education, he told of how so many parents would complain about a given public school's perverted teachings, but the principal would tell each parent, "You're the only parent complaining."

jeigheff said...

This kind of thing doesn't do anyone any good. But maybe it's a kind-of, sort-of, not-so-unexpected response to the claims and demands of feminism which has done its share of damage to our society.

Male athletes claiming to be gals is really sick and twisted. But I don't have too much of a problem with anyone throwing mud in the faces of diehard feminists, who are almost certainly completely silent about this issue. I hope they're as grossed out as the rest of us are, even if they won't admit it. And they won't.