Saturday, June 16, 2018

“I can't support it”: Is Mayor Turner Rejecting a Child Immigration Detention Center in Houston, or Rejecting America’s Immigration Laws?


Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

By A Texas Reader

"I can't support it": Turner rejects child immigration detention center

Mayor Sylvester Turner is not holding back on his thoughts about the possibility of a child immigration detention center in Houston.


Anonymous said...

Sylvester the Cat,in cartoons,was more intelligent sounding than Sylvester Turner:
"I don't think you strip away the kids and treat them as a pawn to influence the actions of their parents or other parents thinking of coming to this country," he said.
GRA:This attitude of weakness is what the Mex and Central American scum are counting on to weasle their way in.Does the mayor think the parents give a damn about these kids?It doesn't appear that way.The MEX are using the kids AS PAWNS,in a gamble that softhearted a-holes like Turner and Pocahontas and Hollywood's usual trash heap of liberal actors/actresses will create enough noise and guilt to let them proceed through the door.
It's so obvious.It's all about politics,not kids,immigration or any other damn thing.The two parties are fighting over future voters.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

NO ONE is expecting him to support it. What he says, thinks or does is immaterial.