Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The All-American Family: Archie Bin Bunkered and Hadith


Moslem adulteress-murderer Andira Abdelaziz in Court

[Re: “All in the Family, Arab-Style: Muslim Adulteress Sleeps with, then Murders Her Nephew.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Friday, June 8, 2018 at 2:30:00 A.M. EDT

Archie Bin Bunkered: "Hadith, I'm home."

Hadith: "Here's your beer, Archie Bin."

Archie Bin: "Wait a minute, this isn't my regular Fatwa-iser beer."
Hadith: "I'm sorry Archie bin, I've been busy in our bedroom all day."

(Nephew comes downstairs with a smile on his face.)

Nephew (acting like Groucho): "And you'll never guess what we've bin doing, Archie bin."

(IED bomb goes off, blowing up nephew.)

Archie bin: "I just guessed! Now, lets get dinner on the table, huh, Hadith?"

Hadith: "Right away, Archie bin."

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