Monday, June 11, 2018

Our Diversity is Our Strength: What Do You Do if You Suspect Your 8-Year-Old Son of being a Homosexual? Deliberately Torture Him to Death over the Course of Eight Months?


Very few pictures show Gabriel Fernandez smiling; then again, he had little to smile for

By “W”

In court on Thursday, Fernandez apologized to her family and said, “I wish Gabriel was alive,” according to the Times.

At least one person loved Gabriel Fernandez—his grandmother, Sandra Fernandez. Note that the same surname remains, from generation to generation.

A jail chaplain also said that Fernandez loved Gabriel and had changed while in custody, praying and reading the Bible, the Associated Press and the Times report.

This is the person the jail chaplain should have cared about, but didn’t

[What religion does the chaplain represent, the Church of Satan? She loved the child she’d murdered, after she was caught? She’d changed? How? She read the Bible? Big whoop! How many craven killers undergo a phony, “jailhouse conversion”? And if the conversion were genuine, then the killer should be ready to receive her just deserts, rather than evade justice. The phony chaplain is a fan of cut-throats.]

Aguirre’s attorney said an execution for the murder was “grossly disproportionate” with his responsibility for the crime, according to the Times.

The paper reports that Aguirre’s defense has said he likely has a learning disability and Fernandez’s attorney said she has a low IQ, with a neuropsychologist testifying for her that she is intellectually disabled and “virtually unable to use thought to guide her behavior and temper her emotional reactions.”

[That’s no defense, but rather a condemnation. It means that she is a savage, who cannot be permitted to be free among civilized people.]

Fernandez’s attorney did not immediately resopnd [sic] to a request for comment on Friday. Efforts to reach Aguirre’s attorney were unsuccessful.

At Thursday’s hearing, theyyeah [sic] faced Gabriel’s relatives and his first-grade teacher, who had reported signs she saw that he was being assaulted. She remembered Gabriel as a kind student, and she described Aguirre and Fernandez as “evil,” according to the Times. [“Mom and Boyfriend Sentenced for 8-Year-Old Tortured in Part Because He Was Thought to be Gay,” by Adam Carlson and Christine Pelisek, People, June 08, 2018 12:21 P.M.]
N.S.: If the couple had been white, they would have been charged with “hate crimes,” but Fernandez and Aguirre are members of a protected class.

That the mother got only life until parole, is because she enjoyed maternal murder privilege. If anything, she should have been punished worse than her boyfriend, since she had more reason to protect the child, but justice is never meted out to murderous womb donors.


Convicted torture-murderers Pearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre



Anonymous said...

What is their immigration status.

All these killers have a low IQ.

All these killers find GOD in the jail.

Anonymous said...

Adults committing a crime against a child normally the perpetrator is subject to three times the normal amount of punishment.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the punishment will be death in this case for the man and woman.

Anonymous said...

Those that kill, rape, molest, hurt children should suffer great pain and then death.