Friday, June 29, 2018

The Vector Marketing/Cutco Knives Scam (Video and Essay)

By Nicholas Stix

(I first posted this as a couple of comments at Youtube, at the video at the bottom of the page.)

Mr. Franz, you’re a funny fellow, and I liked your video, even though I hate watching videos that are more than a few minutes long. Have you tried stand-up comedy? Oh, and you have a great first name.

I’m here because I’m checking out Vector. A letter from Vector came today, addressed to a family member. The letter had a handsome letterhead, with “VECTOR,” preceded by a blue V with three arrows aiming upward on the right. So far, so good. (You showed the symbol in your vid.)

A proper letterhead contains the company’s address, telephone number, Website, and the name of the correspondent. This letter had none of those. It had my family member’s name and address, and a “Website” in the family member’s name, in the form of

The envelope said, “SUMMER WORK OPPORTUNITY ENCLOSED,” above the address window, but had no return address. The Website was to ascertain how my family member responded. That is not the way legitimate companies do business.

The letter promised “$18.50 base appt.,” which was completely lacking in credibility.

Vector didn’t say how it got our address, but its m.o. is to get its new marks to give it all of their friends’ addresses.

When I was younger (i.e., in my thirties) and desperate, I looked into scams similar to Vector. They either waste your time, or force you to exploit all of your friends and family.

As for whether what Vector does is illegal or merely unethical, if the stories I found are true, the company is surely committing crimes, but they are done to people who are dirt poor, whom law enforcement will not help. The cops’ll lie and tell you, “It’s a civil matter.”

As for the nasty comments in support of Vector, these are obviously people who are still with the company.

See also: “Don’t get scammed looking for work while in college.”


Vector Marketing Scam: My Experience with Vector Marketing and CUTCO (2017)


Nicholas Franz
Published on Aug 11, 2017

If your thinking about getting a job with Vector Marketing, please spare yourself the time and avoid it. the entire business prayed on individuals who are too trusting of the company to ask questions and realize how big of a scam it is. This is however only my OPINION!!!! It is work it to watch all the way through and hear my whole experience with the vector marketing corporation and CUTCO knifes. Thanks for watching!!! Be sure to like subscribe and comment down below Last video:

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