Tuesday, June 19, 2018

After New Jersey Officials Released Black Murderer Tahaji Wells from Prison 10 Years Early, Wells Shot One Person Dead, and Wounded 22; Wells Ally, Democrat Governor Phil Murphy, Responds by Going After Law-Abiding, Predominantly White Gun Owners

By Nicholas Stix

At Western Journal.


Anonymous said...

In Washington a carjacker shot up a Walmart and attempted to carjack some more, but he was shot dead by a pistol-packing pastor. And the pastor was one of two legally armed citizens who followed the criminal to stop him. That will never happen in New Jersey because only criminals are carrying. Will people in New Jersey ever wake up and toss out the stupid leftist politicians? Having grown up in New Jersey, I doubt it. I would never live on the leftist East Coast again.

Anonymous said...

Cue Lesta,oh wait,never mind--Wells is dead or Holt would try to get him released.
Speaking of...The "Negro Nightly News eating/drinking game" officially kicked off tonight with a shot of JD downed every time Lesta mentioned "cages",a slice of pizza for the phrase,"escaping from gangs" or a barf bag passed out when he mentions "wailing children" after the 10th time.
If these guys say something often enough,they figure,it will become an accepted fact in the viewers feeble brains?
Anyways,I was drunk and full of pizza until I got to use my "wailing children" bag.
I should be fully recovered by tomorrow.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Just a small note of a crime that occurred in Battle Creek and the insane way WOODTV reported it.A husband and wife in their 80s and a 13 year old great granddaughter(all white)were victims of home invasion,tied up and robbed.Black reporter Marvis Heering,told the entire story on camera and at the end of the report mentioned,"For a description of the 3 suspects,go to WOODTV.com."Which is here:
GRA:It lists 3 generic descriptions.Going to another station,one of the suspects was described as black.(Obviously all 3 were black).WOOD intentionally censored that part of the description on TV and the website.Was it because a black reporter described this crime?In my opinion it's yes.I've noticed that black reporters appear to have the option of mentioning a perps race or not,whatever they prefer.(Whitey always gets mentioned of course).
The number one way to tell what a wanted criminal looks like is his race.Now that aspect is being intentionally censored.
By the way,the three white vics were not physically injured,but police report,they've suffered "severe mental trauma from being tied up."
Their stolen car was found 2 miles away.Many other items from the house were stolen as well.
They could have just as easily been killed.Yet my local station says it's not important enough to give a thorough description.I'm sure racial censorship goes on in various forms around the country,but THIS ONE,really pissed me off for some reason.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

NO where did I ever read or hear that this Wells was an ex con. Just that someone had shot the place up. YEP, drugs or turf war or both. Bad guy.

Anonymous said...

...and of course,Lesta Holt DID NOT air one word of this mass shooting.
"Shhhh,maybe no one will notice if we don't report it..."(Lesta to his producers).
Idealistic white guy:"If we don't report any black crime,isn't that fake news?"
Lesta:"Hey,everyone.I didn't think there could possibly be a more self-destructive person than Peter Fonda,but YOU'RE IT,CRACKA.Fired.Any other questions or comments?Okay,things to do:let's find some black thugs to release from prison early,and we haven't had any bad white cop vids for a while--that's not a request!!!Summers coming--it's riot season people.End of meeting."
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Just sarcastically jotted this down yesterday:Lesta Holt at a probable meeting:"Let's get some bad white cop vids."
Today,he got his wish.
GRA:A car,suspected of being involved in a driveby shooting in Pittsburgh,is stopped.The blacks run.Police find two guns on the floor.Read this story,to see how NBC builds this thug up as "a rising student."How did they decide that?He was a
suspect in a driveby (at the least).
The gangbanger tried to escape,police caught up to him,and shot the "rising student" dead.Protests are erupting and Lesta is instigating.
"An unarmed black teenager is killed."
What don't the nigs and NBC newspeople understand?Guns were found.It was possible the thug also had a gun while trying to escape.He also probably tried to kill someone.And the blacks in Pittsburgh are pissed at the cops.Unbelievable every time I see the misdirected blame.
Let the riots begin.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Innocent" Antwon Rose fired 9 shots in driveby,prior to getting killed,trying to escape.
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police are currently reviewing video which reportedly shows Antwon Rose firing a gun during a drive-by shooting just minutes before he was shot and killed by police officer Michael Rosfeld.

According to police, officers initially responded to a shots fired called on Kirkpatrick Avenue in North Braddock. When they arrived, they found a 22-year-old man had been shot in the abdomen.

antwon rose Sources: Antwon Rose Shown On Video Firing Weapon In Drive By Shooting Minutes Before Being Killed By East Pittsburgh Officer
(Photo Source: STK, Embrace Life/Facebook)

The shooter fired nine .40-caliber founds at the victim from a vehicle. The victim returned fire and struck the vehicle with multiple rounds.

Sources tell KDKA-TV’s Jon Delano that surveillance video appears to show Rose was the shooter in that incident. Allegheny County Police deny the video shows Rose firing the weapon.

The victim returned fire and struck the vehicle with multiple rounds.

Police spotted what they believed was the same car on Grandview Avenue in East Pittsburgh a short time later. The car had bullet holes in the rear windows.
GRA:UPDATE.The shooting was ruled a homicide this afternoon,I'm sure to calm the rioters down.The police did what another gang would have done to Antwon within a week.Rose was a dead man either way.In an escape,that had already revealed guns were used in a crime 13 minutes earlier,police couldn't be sure if the negro was armed or not.Odds are,he could've been.He also may have motioned in a way to cause the shooting.It all started with Rose.Why should police hesitate--it only puts THEM in danger(unnecessarily)of being killed by a black thug.
One thing is guaranteed:There'll be more black on black shootings in the area to avenge the gang driveby attempt.That's how blacks roll.
---GR Anonymous