Thursday, June 28, 2018

News Alert: “White Man” Bursts into Maryland Newsroom with a Shotgun, and Shoots the Place up; Five Dead so Far, and Several Wounded; Actually, the Shooter is a Hispanic Who Had Sued Paper for Defamation


Annapolis mass murderer, Jarrod Ramos, 38

By Nicholas Stix

Is this bad news, or good news?

DajjaI|6.28.18 @ 4:19PM|#
“If you really feel angry, then post your feelings online on facebook or twitter.”

N.S.: What if you’re blocked on Facebook and Twitter?

I guess mass murder is your only avenue of mass expression.

At Reason.

At The Post.

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Anonymous said...

As Lesta would say(he ID'ed the shooter as "a white male",very quickly),"Oh,he's a Hispanic?That's CLOSE ENOUGH for 'Negro Nightly News'standards."

NNN motto is:"Convict whitey fast and never retract if you're wrong."(which they usually are).Holt might even change Jarrod Ramos'name to Jerry Smith.The bastards on MSM could not wait to defame whites.It's just another example of unprofessionalism.All Holt had to do is wait until an actual name was given,but that was too much to ask--he had to smear whites on a national news broadcast.
I'm watching "Hannity" and he won't even mention Ramos name.WTF?

---GR Anonymous