Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The MSM’s Hyperbole on Behalf of the Illegal Human Beings on the Border Could Get Worse!

[Re: “I Have Two Words for Laura Bush.”.]

By Anonymous
Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 11:27:00 A.M. EDT

Did they mention the World War II slaughter of the Jews, too? Or the ship St. Louis with Jewish refugees turned away by FDR? Or mention Anne Frank also? Anne Frank always works.

N.S.: Shhh! Don't give them any ideas! (You had me laughing with your closer.)

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Anonymous said...

So the entire world is supposed to pile into this country?How many people can we take in?Is it soooo bad in the rest of the planet,that as opposed to changing the problems in your own indigenous land--as has been done for hundreds of years--just run away to the only country that "appears" to be a paradise.
Here's a secret:It isn't anymore--and you being here will make it worse.So stay put and fix your own country.The outcome will be better for us and for the planet.
Trump said another classic:It's an "infestation."So true and the media is going crazy on THAT phrase...lol.You can always tell he hit the bullseye when that happens.