Saturday, June 30, 2018

New York City’s ABC Eyewitness News Hearts Colored Cut-Throats!

By Nicholas Stix

I was watching the Channel 7 News a few minutes ago, and news reader Joe Torres, whom I believe has worked for the station for over 20 years, read reports on two shootings that left multiple victims gravely wounded.

One shooting, on Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City, New Jersey, left two victims shot. The other shooting, in East Flatbush Brooklyn, left multiple victims shot.

In both cases, Torres, as ABC Eyewitness News’ representative, reported that the shooters were still at large, but refused to tell us anything about them, not even the color of clothes they were wearing.

That tells us that the shooters are either black (certainly, in the East Flatbush shooting) or Hispanic (possibly, in the Jersey City case).

Lying, racist, Marxists would assert that because Torres didn’t report the victims’ description of the shooters, we can’t assume anything. Garbage. If any of the shooters had been white, he would have immediately said so, just as media gangs immediately told us that the Annapolis newsroom mass murderer was “white.”

ABC Eyewitness News is thus an accomplice to the shooters.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely.I compare this to the Oakland mayor giving a heads up to illegals that ICE is coming--except where the mayor had no business protecting lawbreakers,the media's business IS about protecting the public by airing ALL THE FACTS gathered concerning wanted criminals.By leaving out any description of the thug(s)INTENTIONALLY,it is a dereliction of duty at a minimum,and certainly could be endangering the public by omitting details such as race.That IS criminal in my view.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Correct. When they do not say what the race is they are telling us what the race is. Light skinned Puerto Rican or Dominican classed as a whitey but other than that.

Anonymous said...

A better example would be if "ABC Eyewitness News"failed to warn people about an impending tornado or severe weather event,or knowingly,gave false information in regards to its strength and location.
Their broadcast license would have to be taken from them for failing to fulfill their responsibility of protecting the public.Someone,some group should sue ABC NEWS/NYC,on the basis that they withheld these descriptive facts of the thugs,which the public needs(and has a right)to know,to protect themselves--and see what a judge or jury thinks.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Matt Harvey is throwing no hit,no walk ball--with 4 Ks--through 3 innings today.

Anonymous said...

Actually a perfect game through 4.Guess he wasn't washed up after all.

Anonymous said...

Portland Riots

Riot Breaks Out In Portland As Antifa Activists Clash With Conservative Marchers
Members of Antifa clashed with members of the conservative group Patriot Prayer Saturday evening in Portland, Ore., forcing police to declare that a riot was taking place as officers fired paintballs filled with tear gas into the crowd, according to the Oregonian.

Scuffles broke out shortly after 6 pm local time as Antifa protesters pelted marchers from the conservative group with eggs, water bottles and firecrackers as the marchers spilled out into downtown Portland for their legally permitted march in support of a conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate. The march followed an afternoon rally at Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza, Reuters reported

Officers seized weapons like utility knives, clubs and chemical sprays from Antifa protesters as they gathered nearby for their counter-rally.

Portland police eventually made four arrests during the demonstrations - though they said none of them were related to the day's events. Four others had to be taken to the hospital after being struck by projectiles.
The hostilities started escalating around 4 pm local time, as busloads of Patriot Prayer protesters arrived at Terry Schrunk Federal Plaza, while members of Antifa gathered for a counter-demonstration at Chapman Square, directly across the street.

There were roughly 150 Patriot Prayer protesters while the Antifa protesters numbered at least twice that. Still, the dueling protests were a fraction of an earlier march in support of immigrant families separated at the border, part of a wave of marches that unfolded in cities across the US. Nearly 5,000 people attended that event.

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson, the organizer of the rally, said during a rally that he wanted to "bring light into a city that's full of darkness". He bashed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown. Gibson is one of 13 candidates running for the GOP nomination to face off against Democratic Washington Senator Maria Cantwell.
GRA:Jerrypdx,is this your doing?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Black stabs 9 in Utah.
(Salt Lake City Tribune)
A (black)man was identified as the person who stabbed 9 residents of an apartment complex Saturday,including 6 refugee children.
A resident of the apartment complex where the stabbing took place had allowed 30-year-old Timmy Kinner to stay there a short time, but asked him to leave Friday because of his behavior, Bones said.

Kinner returned Saturday, when the girl was having her party a few doors down from where he had stayed, according to police. Kinner is facing nine counts of aggravated battery and six counts of injury to a child for the late Saturday violence.

The complex houses many resettled refugee families, but Kinner is not a refugee.

Esrom Habte, 12, and Fathi Mahamoud, 11, were playing in the grass behind their apartment when the attack began.

“It was kind of scary because we were outside,” Esrom told news media as his mother looked on. “He was chasing people and stabbing people.”

“We saw him saying bad words and stabbing a grown-up really hard and a lot of times,” Esrom said.

The children ran into an apartment and hid in a closet with other children until police told them it was safe to come out, he said.

On Sunday, colorful bouquets rested just outside crime scene tape.

“This incident is not a representation of our community but a single evil individual who attacked people without provocation that we are aware of at this time,” Bones said during a press conference Saturday night.

Police found stabbing victims both inside the complex and in the parking lot; Kinner was arrested a short distance away.
GRA:I keep saying,refugees should not count on safer conditions in America.Stay where you are and improve your own country--we're going downhill here.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
No, I have no contact with Patriot Prayer, I'm not religious and there's a lot we wouldn't agree on, but they are about the only organized group that will face off with these Antifa jackasses on a subject like immigration. The police actually rescinded the Patriot Prayer permit to march but not Antifa's. They didn't explain why but I think it has something to do with Danielle Outlaw, our new black female police chief, who was hired by our pro immigrant/diversity mayor Ted Wheeler. The Antifa were clearly the aggressors in the scuffles and initiated things by hurling objects at Patriot Prayer, this was noted on the news but the attitude was "they deserved it". That pretty much sums up our local media.