Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Media’s Biggest Fear

By Nicholas Stix

That American President Donald J. Trump will win the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching out to murderous, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

The MSM have been working overtime belittling and insulting Trump at his greatest triumph, aside from his miracle victory in the 2016 election. CNN Trump-hater and Duranty-Blair laureate, Jim Acosta, asserted that the President “stumbled” onto success with Kim.

Other MSM operatives have acted similarly. Sean Hannity showed some clips of them insulting Trump on Hannity’s show tonight.

He’d rather see his own country destroyed than see the man he hates victorious. These traitors think to themselves, ‘If only Kim could win the Nobel without Trump.’

These are the same mooks who cheered when the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” was given a Nobel Peace Prize just for being black, barely after being inaugurated, without any accomplishments to justify it, and who promptly became a war-monger.

A nation whose ruling class is overwhelmingly constituted of organized traitors, and those who bend their backs in supplication to them, cannot long endure.


Anonymous said...

If Don does win the Nobel Prize he should say he is too busy to show up to be awarded the Prize in person. Just put it in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Today on Cavuto,Neil asked Charlie Gasparino about FOX NEWS being up for grabs?(MY analysis:liberal media corporations--including Disney,Comcast or even Silicon Valley tech companies like Apple are now emboldened to implement their takeover strategy of conservative-ish TV.)
"Yes,everything is on the table now."
And that's the way the battle of the airwaves will be decided-part 2.
Part one was attacking the conservative hosts and CEOs past and forcing them to resign.That only partially worked,so to wipe out any opposition to CNN/Msnbc propaganda,the next step is to just replace the entire FOX network with a liberal one.
Cavuto replaced by Lemon,Carlson replaced by Acosta,Ingraham replaced by Tur.The new FAUX NEWS network,brought to you by Planned Parenthood,the NAACP and SPLC.
It's almost inevitable.
---GR Anonymous