Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Proposal to Split California into Three States

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat

At The Washington Times.


Anonymous said...

Well, why not? Two, three, four, five California? Why not? Place is in deterioration now and has been for some time. Everybody does not want to go down with the boat.

Anonymous said...

What Hath Trump Wrought?
GRA:For some reason,that phrase jumped into my head after hearing that black thug/crook,ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has asked Trump for a sentence commutation.Here's more:
(FOX NEWS)Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – a Democrat serving a 28-year sentence for corruption – is seeking President Donald Trump’s help to get out of prison early, according to reports.

Kilpatrick, writing on the Free Kwame Project website, says he has undergone a spiritual transformation since resigning from office in 2008 following a text-messaging sex scandal.

“By God’s grace, I have received a pardon from Him, through Christ Jesus. I pray that I will receive the opportunity for Pardon/Clemency from the President of the United States as well,” he writes.

“Our country has always been the land of 2nd Chances,” Kilpatrick continues. “I am hoping, confidently expecting, that I will have the opportunity to boldly move into the next season of my life; outside of these prison walls.”

Kilpatrick, 47, has served about seven years of his sentence following his conviction on charges including racketeering, extortion and wire fraud.
GRA:He's as big a con artist as they come.The ultimate example (along with Marion Barry )of a black office holder abusing the office and turning it into a cesspool of crime.
Obama has potential,nationally,to be awarded such recognition,if it's found
he approved any FBI investigation of Trump.
Kilpatrick had no remorse and plenty of bravado as he was sentenced years ago.Lowlife blacks--like him--know to go the other way after years in prison,by faking a religious experience(similar to Lesta Holt's boy,Matthew Charles,who Holt is pushing for a Trump pardon).
You can almost see all the blackies in prison getting pen and paper out to write their pardon requests:
"Deer Mista Trumpp
I herd you was lettin niggas outta jail early.How about lettin me go too?I killed 2 crackas a few years back,but I found Jezus and if you let me out,I promiss to stay outta trubble.'Cept I might have to kill my cheatin bitch GF.You know?
Rufus Jones"
Don't do it Trump.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

New "tell all" book on Obama years
GRA:I guess,as an employee,if you can remember the Obama years,you weren't there.

Anonymous said...

Secession of itself is not a bad thing. If done in an amicable and agreed upon manner.

Anonymous said...

Black female beats queer to become SF mayor.No qualified straight white men around to beat these two?Sounds like reverse racism to me.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The why not is that there will be six--that is 6, VI, US senators from the former state known as California. At least 4--2 from the new state including San Francisco and 2 from the state including Los Angeles--are guaranteed to be leftist Democrats. Free America won't have a chance.