Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Weaponizing Foreign Children Against America: A Crack WEJB/NSU Panel Weighs in

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 11:01:00 A.M. EDT

The definition of a “Trojan horse” is someone or something intended to defeat or subvert from within, usually by deceptive means.

The chillen are all Trojan horses. The deceptive means is the fact that along with letting children in, you must also allow the adults to accompany them (because you get a package deal of no separation).

The Central American countries know the media will focus on the "chillen" and count on the collective American weakness of guilt and sympathy to allow the whole bunch in.

But as I posted, Mexico wants a deluge of immigrants to engulf this country—their new, ultra-liberal President will see to that. Americans must understand, we will not have an English-speaking country anymore—we will become what the immigrants are running away from: A gang-filled, drug-infested, violent, financially strapped (broke) country.

That article also reported President Trump will likely go back to "catch and release,", due to the sheer volume of the immigrant invasion. Trump MUST order troops and, if necessary, a pushback of immigrants into Mexican territory. This is the "red line" of Trump's administration. He must not let the immigrants cross it. Yes, the Democrats will try to capitalize—but I hope the polling results from Rasmussen show we can say "NO MAS" to this calculated invasion of foreigners. If we have to, a war with Mexico might be needed for emphasis.

This should be the two-word catchphrase by Trump—in regard to the crisis—simple and to the point: "NO MAS!" (Or "F You Mexico," as a backup phrase [chuckle].)

Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 2:33:00 P.M. EDT

The real clue for observant American citizens about what type of people are trying to come up here, is the illegal aliens’ own description of their homelands. Theoretically, if there were more good people than bad in countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, they could stay and change the country—defeat the groups causing chaos.

The quote is, "They're trying to get away from crime, rape, gangs, etc." Which I take as an admission there are NOT mostly good people in those (and other countries).

Something doesn't add up with the argument, does it? If a certain percent of Guatemalans are evil and criminal, one must assume the same similar percentage of criminal types are trying to cross into the US (not to escape their life, but to extend and bring to our country, the SAME life, for bigger, mostly drug trafficked profits).

Plus welfare, free education, etc.

I don't believe a word of their sob stories. This is a Democrat/Soros/Mexican coordinated plan to destroy the US as we (barely) know it. Trump must not allow it to happen.

N.S.: Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are the countries of the Northern Triangle, one of the world’s most violent areas. Some reports peg El Salvador as the world’s murder capital, with Guatemala and Honduras not far behind. However, such nations are so corrupt that their record-keeping isn’t exactly reliable. And yet, one can generalize about all three that murder is their national pastime.

By Jerry PDX
Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 7:22:00 P.M. EDT

Migrants are coached on what to say when they are caught at the border. It evolves and morphs into whatever tugs at the heartstrings of bleeding hearts, and matches the requirements for "conflict" refugee status. These countries are not at war, so "gangs" become the boogey man they are fleeing from. Never mind that the vast majority of these people will end up in barrios infested with violent gangs doing what violent gangs do. That isn't mentioned in the liberal media.

Bringing kids is another technique that is common knowledge now to use. After all, they know that white liberals fall down in throes of worship when the word "child" is used. Never mind that many of the so-called children are adult males masquerading as children, or that many of the children are being brought by coyotes or traffickers posing as parents.

Now that the hysteria is making the border agents paranoid about separating children from parents, they can expect many more of those exploiters to successfully traffic children. Way to go, liberal media.

None of the pro-immigration rhetoric adds up. Followed to its logical conclusion, then we should be bringing all people from south of the border to the "safety" of the US and save them, especially all the little helpless children. It's beyond stupid but this is liberalism, folks.

However, I don't believe that Democrats/Soros (and various others in his cabal of ultra-rich, greedy SOBs)/Mexicans want to "destroy" the US. They actually believe in this diversity idiocy. They think that we're some kind of dead, inert culture that is going nowhere without the wonders of multiculturalism and other such crap. This delusional nonsense is underlied by a fanatical belief that the US must continue to grow "economically" and only more human beings in our borders can keep those economic indicators going up and up, therefore making the rich even richer. The reality is, though, that it will turn us into a Third World hellhole with a few islands of super-rich keeping themselves safe from crime and social chaos.

Yes, Trump, for all his faults, is our only hope in stopping this. If we don't hold the line here the next step is the fate of Sweden and Germany. If the forces of evil led by the likes of Hillary succeed in free borders not only will we have a massive inflow of Mexicans and Central Americans, the Muslims and African (99% men) will hop whatever plane or boat they can get on to come here and demand citizenship. This is our future, if that is allowed to happen:

“Mass Migration Gives Sweden Male Gender Imbalance Worse than China” (Legal Insurrection).

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 10:27:00 P.M. EDT

Jerry PDX,

N.S. can probably give some compelling reasons why Soros and company would like to destroy the USA. I believe Soros (and the globalists/Dems/Mex) want to see the USA weakened to such a point, that it can literally be invaded by communist forces (China, Russia?) and put out of its misery. If the white population is continually diluted to a level of unimportance, will the blacks and Mex that replace us be intelligent enough to fight off a foreign attack? Not a chance. This is a long-term goal for the anti-USA forces. Most whiteys are unaware of the consequences of today’s actions, imho.

N.S.: Soros, et al. are Marxists. Marxists always want to destroy America, because they see it as the pre-eminent, capitalist power. I don’t think America has been a capitalist country for some time, but try telling Marxists that.

First Stalin (1928) and then Trotsky (1930s) proposed importing low-IQ, violent, African blacks to invade and topple Western, capitalist countries.

Most whites are a lost cause. They’ll say or do anything, to protect themselves from being called “racist.”

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Using children period to promote a political agenda is wrong. Period.