Friday, June 08, 2018

Hear Andy Williams Sing Mancini and Mercer’s “Moon River” in His Prime!

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This was a 1961 performance on West German TV, just after Breakfast at Tiffany's had been released, for which Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer wrote this ultimately Oscar-winning song, and which starred Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard.


Anonymous said...

Someday,the new black/Mex/Muslim coalition government will ban music from white artists like Andy Williams.Williams might have had the greatest,purest voice ever.Effortlessly hitting notes that only he could hit.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Game show host, mediocre comedian Steve Harvey is in "hot water" (how hot remains to be seen) over calling Golden State Warriors basketball players "gorillas" on an ESPN broadcast interview with noted racist sportscaster Stephen A. Smith:

Here is the exact quote:

You can’t stop them,” he said. “You gotta outscore them. You can’t stop all them boys. They’ve got too many gorillas on the team. They coming to play, man. They got 800-pound gorillas on their team.

Brings to mind, of course, the recent hoopla over Roseanne's Barr's Planet of the Apes tweet that got her show cancelled and the sportscaster guy that got fired for saying Serena Williams was using "guerilla" style tactics when she played (completely innocent comment). Is the same standard going to be applied here or does the unspoken understanding that blacks can be racist toward themselves (and whites) going to be observed? This story is pretty fresh still but a quick search reveals it hasn't spread much beyond Foxnews.

I remember years ago, when Muhammad Ali cruelly and viciously mocked Joe Frazier, saying he looked like a gorilla, but there was no media backlash whatsoever, later on Joe said in interviews the stuff Ali said to him really hurt. Ali's grandfather was a white Irishman, which made him 1/4 white, and there was a caucasian symmetry to his face that made him better looking than a Joe Frazier type, his racist jibes toward Frazier are suggestive of how "lighter skinned" blacks feel superior toward darker skinned ones.
I also recall when Larry Holmes was going to fight a light skinned black fighter, who had a white parent, I can't recall his name, who was known to be susceptible to bleeding in fights. Holmes came up with a childish rhyme that went like this: You gonna to bleed coz' you a half breed!
Imagine him saying that today! Of course, if you're black you still could get away with it though there might be some backlash, but a white would have his career ended instantly.

Anonymous said...

FOX will be the only place this story is mentioned--and the place it will die.We can call it the FOX Cemetary for now,but soon,if Disney or Comcast has its way,you wont hear that type of story at all on TV.Democratic,liberal monopoly of the airwaves may not be far off.Trump ,if he has any sense,will make sure that deal is blocked by his administration.
-GR Anonymous