Monday, June 11, 2018

Dennis Rodman Criticizes Barack Obama, While Giving Credit to Donald Trump

By Nicholas Stix

Rodman was a guest, from Singapore, for a long interview with Chris Cuomo tonight. Cuomo for once avoided baiting the president.

Rodman admitted that he had been very “naïve” about what he’d gotten into five years ago, including North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s record of abuses when he first went to North Korea. He also complained that then-president “Barack Obama” had blown him off. But Rodman said, “I kept coming back,” and gave President Trump credit for taking him seriously.

For much of the interview Cuomo appeared to be near tears, and Rodman did begin weeping at one point, talking about “death threats” he’d gotten after his return, among other things.

(At the time, he appeared to be a traitor who’d sold out his country for some publicity. I’m still not sure what to make of him.)

Delusions of grandeur of a washed-up black athlete? Desire to make the world a better place, while remaining in the limelight in middle age? Your guess is as good as mine.

As for Kim Jong Un, I suspect that he wants to be known worldwide as “beloved, mass-murdering dictator.”

By the way, another CNN operative asserted that Kim had “already won.”

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Anonymous said...

CNN loves to put guys like Rodman on the air to indirectly make Trump look foolish--as if Rodman is Trump's advisor.As a black who supports Trump,Rodman has already been placed in a lower caste system by the network,somewhere in the "untouchable"range that Roseanne Barr currently resides in.
Many Republicans(except for McCain types) are in this general area as well.
From the top,here is CNN/MSNBC's caste system--who they bow to,never criticize and are in cahoots with,descending all the way to those they treat with disdain and hate.These are actual caste categories:
Priests,academics (Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton,Rev Wright,Louis Farrakhan.On the academic side--most college professors and lawyers,who CNN/MSNBC frequently have appear,as their on-air experts).
Pelosi,Lebron James plus other negro athletes )
Tradesmen,Merchants(Black drug dealers/criminals, who CNN/MSNBC is in favor of releasing from prisons early.)
Manual laborers (Mexican,black gangs,welfare types)
Untouchables (Republicans in general)
Subclass:Blacks in favor of Trump (Candace Owens,Rodman,Kanye West (if legitimate)
Lower subclass:Whites in favor of Trump(Deplorables).
Lower still:Trump political supporters like Sessions(when he initiates action against illegals),Peter Navarro,Pence,DeVos).
And your lowest class is Trump himself--and just as in the Indian caste system --Trump can never move up.He is condemned to the bottom of lowest level of "Untouchable for all time--or until he leaves office.
--GR Anonymous