Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Police Say a Rhode Island Man Bit Off a Piece of His Husband's Nose

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Police: Man bit off piece of husband's nose during argument

Police say a Rhode Island man bit off a piece of his husband's nose during a heated argument.The Providence Journal reports police responded to a disturbance at a Providence apartment Tuesday night. Officers found the victim outside the apartment with an i

PGC E-P: He bit off what?


Anonymous said...

Given the propensities of homosexuals, he was lucky it was his nose which was bitten off.

Anonymous said...

That is a Sicilian thing?

Dr. Haight said...

Now you and some of the rest of your readers might think this is a weird headline. But if you are a National Review-style "conservative," this makes perfect sense. After all, according to NR, marriage is a conservative value which is why they have endorsed gay marriage. And if you don't agree with that position, you are not a conservative. See?