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A Blast from the Past: Id’ing a Notorious Serial Rapist and Murderer that Nobody Wants to Name: Only at WEJB/NSU!

By A Midwestern Reader

A few years ago, the University of Michigan campus area was hit by a brutal rapist who attacked women over a number of months. Victim reports and DNA evidence confirmed that a young, Black, male was the culprit.

But the UofM feminists, with the cooperation of the Ann Arbor police, did not warn the public to be on the lookout for a Black male. They refused to disclose this vital information and instead conducted "anti-violence to women" teach-ins, really aimed at White males on campus.

The series of rapes finally came to an end when the perp was caught. He had been working at fast-food joints right off campus for months.


I had a really hard time finding this mope.

First of all, Ann Arbor, or “A2,” as locals call it, has had its share of serial rapists over the years. Second, it turned out that time had flown right by AMR. And third, which he had already reported, the few people writing online who knew the identity of the serial rapist and sometime (suspected serial) murderer, covered for him, for the usual reason.

However, AMR had given me enough information to put together a viable keyword profile: “Ann Arbor” + “serial rapist” + “fast food.”

That led me to a 2014 Christmas column by a retired A2 police detective named Rich Kinsey.
One Christmas morning 20 years ago today, Ann Arbor received its own little present in the form of a serial rapist and murderer gift wrapped with handcuffs. The that had plagued the city for almost two years had been spotted by a Yellow cab driver.

This cabbie took it personally that an innocent victim of the monster had been viciously beaten, sexually assaulted then left to die just a hundred yards from the cab company's front door some 5 1/2 months prior to that Christmas.

On Christmas Eve 20 years ago, the monster had beaten and robbed a woman in the 1800 block of Dexter Avenue. A description of the suspect was broadcast to area police units and local cab companies to be on the lookout for the subject….
Wait a doggone minute! Why did the police only alert taxi companies, and not the general public, as to the “monster’s” description? That may have cost one additional victim a brutal beating, and another her life.

Read on.
I have written about this individual three times in the past five years and I have never mentioned his name, because I want to make sure he realizes how insignificant he was. I never wanted him to be able to Google-Search himself and think that he mattered. He left some serious scars on this city and for many innocent people, but he is all but forgotten by this world-class community that deserves peace and safety for its citizens. [“Rich Kinsey: Arrest of rapist/killer on Christmas was gift to all of Ann Arbor,” by Rich Kinsey, Ann Arbor News, December 25, 2014.]
Yeah, people are safer when they are ignorant.

Rich Kinsey and his editor don’t want YOU to be able to Google-Search the rapist-murderer, because then you’d learn that he was… one of the usual suspects!

The rapist-murderer’s name is Ervin Dewain Mitchell Jr. He is black, and all of his known victims were white.


He was also a suspect in the rape-murder of six black prostitutes in Inkster, Michigan, when he lived there, before coming to Ann Arbor, but was allegedly “exonerated” of those crimes. I don’t know who used that notoriously abused phrase, but the right one is “excluded as a suspect.”

Black supremacist City Councilman and “civil rights activist” Larry Hunter (ZANU PF-3rd Ward) had so spooked law enforcement that they sacrificed additional victims to Ervin Dewain Mitchell Jr.

Because there is no justice in the state of Michigan, Mitchell only got life without the possibility of parole, or as I call it, life until parole.

The following article has been partially butchered. That’s because it’s an early scan, and scanning used to leave a lot to be desired.


The Michigan Daily - Friday, March 10, 1995 - 3


Prosecutor prepares to take
serial rape case to trial

Mackie: Washtenaw
County prosecutor

For the past 2 1/2 years, Ann Arbor citizens have had to live with the fear of possibly becoming the next victim of a serial rapist - a criminal who brutally beats his victims into unconsciousness and then rapes them. The viciousness of his attacks left one woman dead and four others emotionally scarred. Then on Christmas Day, an alert cab driver gave Ann Arbor police a gift in the form of a tip that led to the arrest of a suspect. Ervin Dewain
Mitchell Jr., 33, now stands accused of being the serial rapist. If he is
convicted, many concerned members of the community will finally have
peace of mind.

Before the arrest, the Ann Arbor police, who questioned nearly 800
possible suspects, seemed powerless to stem the series of sexual assaults
occurring on the city's west side.

Mitchell was already in police custody at the Washtenaw County Jail on $50,000 bond awaiting an April 3 trial before Judge Donald Shelton for an assault and attempted Christmas Eve purse-snatching of a 34-year-old Ann Arbor woman. If convicted on those charges, he faces up to 15 years in prison. He was denied bond last week when he was charged with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of
first-degree murder.

"First-degree murder in Michigan carries a mandatory sentence of life in
prison without parole," said Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie, the attorney handling both of Mitchell's trials. "Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree carries any term of years - up to life."

Mitchell remained unemotional as he pleaded not guilty before 14-A District Court Magistrate George Parker. The arraignment came after
months of public speculation and one of the most intensive manhunts in the police department's history.

Before the arraignment, while his client sat in jail unable to meet his bond, Washtenaw County Assistant Public Defender Lankford accused the prosecution of stalling and not being able to meet their burden of

"If the evidence the prosecution has is that good, why haven't they
charged him?" Lankford asked. "If you can't charge him, you definitely
can't convict him."

It was less than three months ago that police arrested Mitchell for al-
legedly punching a 34-year-old Ann Arbor woman in the 1800 block of
Dexter Avenue and attempting to take her purse.

Amid the glare of TV camera lights and a swarm of reporters, Mitchell
smiled at his arraignment Dec. 27 on those charges before 14-A District
Court Magistrate A. Thomas Truesdell. "You all are going to be seeing a lot of me," Mitchell said as he was escorted back to his jail cell in handcuffs and leg shackles.

Mitchell's words were prophetic indeed.

Where the trials stand

The public will be seeing more of Mitchell at his preliminary examination March 15 in 15th District Court. At that time, the judge will determine if there is enough evidence to try Mitchell for having committed the Ann Arbor rapes and murder. If the judge rules there is probable cause,
Mitchell will stand trial in Washtenaw County Circuit Court for being the
serial rapist.

In several interviews with the media, Mitchell and attorney Lankford
have maintained that he is, innocent of the crimes he is accused of, despite
DNA evidence linking Mitchell to the rapes. Mitchell said he has an alibi -
at least for the time of the Christmas Eve robbery attempt.

"They (the police) got the wrong guy," said Lankford, who will represent Mitchell for the robbery and the sexual assault charges. "While this charade continues, people in Ann Arbor are being seriously endangered."

If Mitchell is the serial rapist, then Ann Arbor may be able to put this
chapter of its history in the past. During the course of a multi-agent task
[force] -- the latest rape attributed to the serial rapist - included investiga-
tors from the Michigan State Police, DPS, the Washtenaw County Sheriff's
Department and the Ann Arbor Police Department.

"We owe them a debt of gratitude for their diligence and devotion to duty during a very difficult investigation," said Ann Arbor Deputy Police Chief Walter C. Lunsford. "We appreciate the patience and cooperation of the local and metro Detroit area media during these past several months and recognize we both have a difficult job to do."

The woman in the last rape is the only victim so far to get a good look at
her attacker. The police released their most detailed description of the serial rapist after the last attack. The woman's wallet and checkbook were missing after the attack, but were found in another location with the aid of a police tracking dog. The rapist's other victims were taken by surprise and too disoriented afterward to provide much of a description to the police.

Manhunt in Ann Arbor

As students' fear of the serial rapist mounted, calls to the University's
student-run walking service increased by 200 percent.

"In a certain sense, it's kind of frustrating," Safewalk co-coordina-
tor Eric Kessell said. "When something like this happens, you'll see walks go up and go down, until something happens again. Once people begin to feel complacent again, they will be less cautious."

An open letter released Nov. 14 by police pleaded with city residents to
help them capture the serial rapist. Among the signs the letter suggests to look- for in the suspect are depression, increased drinking or drug use, missed appointments and a sudden interest in reading the newspaper.

The police also sought to reassure Blacks that the new, more specific
profile would protect African American males from undue harassment.

City Councilmember Larry Hunter (D-3rd Ward), who is Black, criti-
cized the police investigation. Hunter is a member of the Coalition for Con-
munity Unity, a civil-rights watchdog organization.

Despite releasing a physical and


Ervin Dewain Mitchell Jr. faces charges from four assaults that occurred between September 1992 and May 1994 on Ann Arbor's west aides

The attacks have all been linked to a single assailant through DNA evidence left at each crime scene. The charges are:

8 Sept. 23, 1992: Raping a 47-year-old woman who was walking through Eberwhite Woods, south of Liberty Street at 8 a.m. The woman was jumped from behind by a man who repeatedly bludgeoned her with his fists while he raped her, police reports say.

® Oct. 2, 1993: Raping a 23-year-old University student who was walking to her apartment along the 400 block of Longshore Drive near Argo Park at 10:30 p.m. She suffered head and facial injuries consistent with being
repeatedly punched and was raped when she lost consciousness, according to police reports.

8 Nov. 2, 1993: Raping a 40-year-old woman as she was returning to her apartment on the 800 block of Miller Avenue from a shopping trip at about 1:45 a.m. As she entered her apartment, she was knocked to the floor and
sexually assaulted. Police say the attacker used only his fists.

9 May 7, 1994: Killing 32-year-old Christine GaIlbreath along a lightly wooded path behind Ann Arbor's main U, Post Office on West Stadium Boulevard, as she was returning home from a nearby drugstore between 1 and 6:39 p.m. Police say she was repeatedly beaten with fists and raped. The cause of death was listed as "Blunt impact to head with injuries of brain; manual strangulation."

Shelton: Washtenaw County Circuit Judge

results indicated that Mitchell's blood sample matched DNA found on four
of the rape victims. A search warrant for Mitchell's known previous addresses was issued Jan. 11 after scientists at the Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory in East Lansing completed two DNA probes of Mitchell's blood. The statistical chances that another Black individual possesses the same DNA profile as Mitchell is one in 17,000, the technicians said. Four more probes were conducted before Mitchell was charged with the Ann Arbor rapes.

"(Lab technicians) break the DNA down so much at each step or each probe of the testing," said Ann Arbor Police spokesman Sgt. Phil Scheel.

"Generally, the first two probes can be done in two to three weeks. Then it
takes 10 days to two weeks for each successive probe after that.

"To get through the whole process of six, seven, eight probes - or however far they can break down a particular sample - can take several weeks, even three or four months."

for to connect Mitchell to the last in the series of rapes. However, the victim could not positively identify the recovered necklace as hers.

Other ongoing investigations

A Wayne County grand jury is also collecting evidence to determine
whether to charge Mitchell with six rape-murders that occurred between
1989 and 1991 in Inkster, Mich. Mitchell was not charged in a 1992
Inkster case because there was insufficient, physical evidence left at that
crime scene to compare with DNA samples taken from Mitchell. But DNA results kept on file at the state police crime lab indicated he was
responsible for the Ann Arbor rapes.

Mackie, however, was reluctant to use the information collected by the
Inkster Police Department and waited for the results of DNA tests of
Mitchell's blood taken after the purse

tt."t S ] :rQ, \ F.CE_ _____ t""t h :i:Y' 77 :':

N.S.: A few days ago, I wrote AMR, asking,

This the guy? Ervin Dewain Mitchell Jr.

He responded,

That is the guy. How time flies. It seemed like only a couple of years ago. As I recall, at the time he was caught, he was working at a restaurant just off Liberty Street, which is sort of the main street leading into the main campus area. Coffee shops, college bars, relatively inexpensive food places.
Over the time the rapes were occurring, the feminists and other SJWs were holding “stop the violence” rallies and casting suspicion on college (white) males. When have feminists ever warned other females to beware of Blacks? To avoid contact with Black males because of the threat of STDs and violence? Never, ever.

Hit the link here; it's the same March 10, 1995 story from The Michigan Daily.


Anonymous said...

Taking the rape trial to case that one headline says. NO! Taking a rape and murder trial to case.

Negro out hunting whitey women.

David In TN said...

FWIW Mitchell is incarcerated (I checked) in the Michigan prison system, a place loaded with kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

(FOX 17)Muskegon Heights,Michigan
A suspect is in custody after a(black) 6-year-old girl died after she was struck by a hit-and-run driver at midday Sunday.

The crash occurred just before noon in the 3300 block of Sixth Street. Police say, a light-colored Chevrolet Suburban hit the girl, who was transported to an area hospital where she later was pronounced dead.

Family members have identified the little girl as Taylor Davis.

Others are at a loss as to why someone would run her down and then drive away without stopping.

“To just leave a kid out there. You don’t know if she’s dead or not, no help or nothing. And then just leave her there in the street you was just going to drive off and speed away. You thought you were going to get away that’s really cruel, "said Taylor's older sister, Lamontraya.
Police Chief Joseph Thomas said the driver took off from the scene, and that a man followed the suspect after the incident and tracked him to his home in the Mona Lake Mobile Home Park on Hoyt Street in Norton Shores where he was taken into custody.

The incident remains under investigation by the Muskegon Heights Police Department.
GRA:The "Heights",as they call it, is a totally black area.I'm keeping track of this story,as there's a fair possibillity,the driver was white(he lived in whiter Norton Shores).IF he was white,did he remember Steve Utash and decide to save his life,by driving off?If he's black,then he took off for a different reason,I'm sure(warrants).
I wonder if the black witness,who followed the driver,would have followed him if he was black.No ID yet,so we have to wait and see.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Another blast from the past.Deniro goes nuts at the Tony awards
GRA:No class--needs meds.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

No defending this 19 year old.
GRA:The story ID's the driver as a white 19 year old,who seems to have no clue about responsibility.The report says plenty concerning his driving history.Still,one could hardly blame him for not stopping in a ghetto area after a personal injury accident.Just thought I'd give an update.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

By the way,media will play this up for days on end--the white man's face plastered next to the black kid he supposedly killed.Hell,this might even make Lesta's shitshow.
After the first day,no one mentioned the Willie Bryant shooting spree--along with the murder of a white woman--again.This one will be much different.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

makes me long for the good ol' days when a nigger caught raping a white woman was hanged and left hanging so everyone could see justice.

Anonymous said...

When the media does not tell us what race the alleged perp is they tell us what race the alleged perp is.

Auntie Daca said...

oh black men don't rape white women. I saw that in the movie - To Kill a Mockingbird. Now it's an expensive Broadway Play.

One of the movie stars who played the school teacher, Rosemary Murphy, for decades got endless letters from convicted rapists. They all wanted her photograph and autograph.

Anonymous said...

Any time a crime report does not start out with "A White male....." I know the crime being reported was not committed by a White man.
The Atlanta TV stations could be broadcasting on radio, they usually are standing away from any thing that points out that they are in a black 'hood, the so called TV reporter describes the scene, and talks about the victim or victims, what witnesses saw, the crime, and not one photo or video of anything and calling the criminals "guys" and saying to the camera as they sign of if you see anything suspicious call the cops. Black crime reporting in Atlanta (Hate City) is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Racist much? Black men in A2 were hassled, lost jobs, etc. 150 were forced to give blood for DNA. They were as afraid to go out as white women were. What about them? This author’s racist misogynistic “article” is as disgusting as your comment.

Anonymous said...

This article fails to mention how the Ann Arbor serial rape investigation affected Black men in the city

Anonymous said...

The racism in these comments is vile. So much ignorance.

Nicholas said...

Anonymous coward, friday, september 1, 2023 at 4:44:00 a.m. edt

You're just lying, racist scum.