Monday, June 11, 2018

#Metoo Priorities in South Africa: A South African Brewing Company that Promised “Moist” and “Gushing” Beers Has been Forced to Remove Its Drinks from the Country’s Shelves after Receiving a Torrent of Online Abuse over Its “Crass and Sexist” Marketing Campaign

By Reader-Researcher R.C.

"All your friends have had her": Brewer attacked over "sexist" beer ads

A South African brewing company who promised “moist” and “gushing” beers has been forced to remove its drinks from the country’s shelves after receiving a torrent of online abuse over its “crass and sexist” marketing campaign.

At Russia Today.

N.S.: Blacks have slaughtered over 30,000 whites since the end of apartheid, often after gang-raping and torturing them, so naturally white feminists who have ignored or supported the genocide, rebelled against a white brewer.


Anonymous said...

The left--which includes feminists, homosexual activists, those who call themselves "liberals" and most Jews, suffer from a mental problem--the inability to see reality. These people are all for replacing the white population with third world immigrants--including African Muslims. Whereas white Americans--especially Evangelical Christians--are notoriously pro-Israel and tolerant of homosexuals (although they may not approve of their behavior) and other minorities, the people the left wants to import are not. Stix just ran a piece about a Hispanic couple who beat their child to death because they suspected he was homosexual. Of course it is Muslims who topple walls onto homosexuals or throw them off buildings. And the people Muslims hate the most are Jews. Of course no one oppresses women like Muslims with female genital mutilation, forced marriages, wife beating, and stoning to death of women who were raped. So this feminist attack on a white beer company while ignoring the targeting of whites by South African blacks is typical leftist behavior.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

President Trump should invite all White South Africans to migrate to the US. He should make it clear to immigration that these White South Africans are to be expedited in their request for asylum and or to immigrate to America.