Monday, June 18, 2018

Is Murder a Job Americans Won’t Do?


“Donald Giusti died after a Somali refugee ‘youth’ smashed in his head with a brick.”

By “W”

Just caught the follow-up.

Lewiston, ME: Man attacked by Gang of Somali “Teens” Dies

At Refugee Resettlement Watch.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what we tolerate on a daily basis--and going by the attitudes of tens of millions(of Democrats),it's obvious,that they are more than willing to have the rest of us,put up with much worse behavior,in the future.

Anonymous said...

People must throw out leftist politicians and install people who will work for the American people. There must be a zero tolerance for Somali crime. If one of the ungrateful savages so much as spits on the sidewalk they must come down on him like a ton bricks. The more the Somalis are permitted to bully and intimidate people, the worse they will get. And Trump needs to start deporting them--we don't need this scum in our country--we have enough of our own to do any jobs scum do.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that most dangerous group of people on the planet the Somali. Very violent people and respond almost instantly to any sort of provocation, perceived or otherwise with force and the urge to kill. Blacks like bricks too. Carry bricks with them everywhere. Whites do it too, don't they?