Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Death of Trayvon Martin was Not a Tragedy!

By Nicholas Stix

Everyone is talking about what a tragedy the death of Trayvon Martin was. George Zimmerman’s lawyers, Mark O’Mara and Don West, spoke for the umpteenth time of what a tragedy it was. Well, they work within a racist system, and have to say that.

The death of Trayvon Martin was a blessing. It saved lives, starting with George Zimmerman’s. Martin had just turned 17, and was already angling for his first kill of a “cracker.”

Killing gets easier with time. How many others would Martin have killed? And how many other people would he have victimized without killing them, as a burglar, a vandal, a street thug?


Glaivester said...

Remember, T.M. also called G.Z. a "nigger/nigga" according to Rachel Jeantel.

So apparently, he's a crazy-ass cracker-nigger.

Although perhaps that "crazy-ass cracker" remark wasn't racial, it was anti-gay.

Maybe he called G.Z. a "crazy ass-cracker."

Anonymous said...

Correction Glaivester, he's apparently a "White-Hispanic crazy-ass cracker-nigger".

Anonymous said...

Right on, Mr. Stix. Trayvon was a thug-in-embryo, a term I believe coined by Tom Wolfe. He was just a typical black punk who instigated a fight and then paid for it with his life.

Anonymous said...

For related reasons, I feel no sympathy for the "Martin Family," who insist that loveable Trayvon was just a wonderful kid. BTW, did anyone find out from whom loveable Trayvon stole the woman's jewelry found in his backpack, along with the burglary tools?

Anonymous said...

The real tragedy is that the black community is continuing to use this death to foment race hate against whites instead of working on their subculture of gangsta glorification, work and school failure, and fatherlessness.

Ryan said...

I thought it was interesting that the prosecution would refer to Zimmerman as a "wannabe cop". If anyone was guilty of being a "wannabe" it was "Tray-Tray". A wannabe gang banger that is, until Zimmerman put an end to that dream.

Good riddance to bad trash.

Anonymous said...

@Glaivester That would be CREEPY ass cracker.

TM's parents Trademarked their son's name last year. Talk about blaxploitation!

Indeed, GZ did himself, civilized society and TM himself a favor.
Good riddance.

Too bad Joshua Chellew wasn't armed. If Obama had 4 sons they would look like Joshua Chellew's murderers.