Sunday, July 28, 2013

More—or Less—on Hialeah Mass Murderer Pedro Alberto Vargas


Non-English-speaking mass murderer Pedro Alberto Vargas

One of the late Raymond Herisse's many mug shots

[Previously, on this atrocity, at WEJB/NSU:

“Mass Murder in Hialeah, FL: Pedro Alberto Vargas, 42, Starts Fire, Kills Six, and is Killed by SWAT Team.”]

By Nicholas Stix

It didn’t occur to me, but it did occur to my VDARE editor, Peter Brimelow, to list Pedro Vargas as a case of “immigrant mass murder syndrome.” However, Peter couldn’t determine what the case was, because… well, I’ll let Dave Levine have the floor:

Levine writes:

Pedro Alberto Vargas was very likely an illegal alien but you won't find this out in the story by their [Miami Herald] reporters Joey Flechas, Glenda Ortega, Charles Rabin and Evan Benn. Four writers can't bring themselves to tell the truth?
Levine also points out that only California and Texas have more illegal aliens than Florida.

That reminds me of my VDARE report on failed, aspiring cop/mass murderer, Raymond Herisse. No newspaper reports mentioned where Herisse was born.

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Anonymous said...

Follow up reporting in the Miami Herald tells that Vargas did speak English well enough to write up a storyboard of some kind on post-it notes. More interesting but unexplored by the writer was his hefty bank balance for an unemployed graphic designer (a $35-40K/yr job when he did have it back in 2008) of over $90,000. He set fire to around $10,000 cash before his rampage.

How does an unemployed graphic designer gym rat accumulate $90,000 cash?

Finally, it was reported Vargas baldness (he claimed before going on his murderous rampage) was caused by steroids. He was widely reported to be a committed gym rat and his apartment shared with his mother was fitted with bench press, bar, and plates along with other equipment.

My educated guess was this guy was muscle for some drug dealers (and/or himself a dealer) and his end was fueled largely by "roid rage." His immigration status was never reported, but it seems by comments he reportedly made that he was Cuban.

Stan D Mute