Monday, July 22, 2013

Jared Taylor Invites Criminal General Eric Holder to Have an Honest Discussion of Race in America

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Dear Mr. Holder

By Jared Taylor

July 18, 2013

American Renaissance

Dear Mr. Holder,

I see that the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman has prompted you, once again, to call for an "honest" discussion of race in America. I welcome that discussion.

Let us start with your recent comments before the NAACP, in which you said that the verdict compelled you to have a talk with your 15-year-old son about how to deal with the police. I fail to see anything in this verdict that would provoke such a conversation, particularly considering that Mr. Zimmerman was not a policeman.



However, I assume you brought up the allegations that Mr. Zimmerman took a special interest in Trayvon Martin because he was black. Those allegations are unproven, but let us assume they are correct. I hope you explained to your boy that Mr. Zimmerman had excellent reasons for being suspicious.

I would imagine you used statistics from your own Justice Department to show that blacks are at least seven times more likely than people of other races to commit violent crimes, and that young black men are the most dangerous people in America. I hope you explained that Americans will be suspicious of blacks for as long as they continue to commit so many crimes. This may be unfortunate for law-abiding blacks but the fault is not with the police or with neighborhood watchmen; it is with other blacks….

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jeigheff said...

Go, Jared, go!

Unfortunately, everyone knows that Holder won't do it.

I still admire Jared Taylor for putting forth the challenge.

Anonymous said...

America is becoming a scary place for those that are awakened and aware. It is not the America I grew up in nor once believed in. Crazy cats are running the asylum, they come in all colors. Rep Steve Cohen is promoting legislation that will apologize for Jim Crow laws and slavery, and a policy to allow "a compassionate release" of prisoners. Meanwhile he describes his relationship with a blonde a "personal tragedy."Geraldo Rivera tweets a semi nude photo of himself. Narcissistic behavior destroys, from our leaders to the hood.