Sunday, July 28, 2013

The New Alamo? Water Wars in San Antone—Coming Soon to Your Community (My New VDARE Investigative Report is Up!)


The Battle of the Alamo

The New Alamo? Water Wars in San Antone—Coming Soon to Your Community
By Nicholas Stix

In a little-known legal battle in San Antonio, the reconquista war on America takes aim at both the U.S. Constitution and on conservationism.

“It’s [water] going to be the number one issue in the country—education and water.”

Veteran San Antonio conservationist T. Weir Labatt III, to

Early in Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean’s epic biographical film based on British Army Colonel T.E. Lawrence’s World War I experiences in the Arabian Desert, an Arab aristocrat shoots Lawrence’s guide dead, simply because the latter had taken a drink from the killer’s well.

If mass immigration from hostile countries continues unabated into America, we may soon see water wars that will make that once-shocking scene from Lawrence seem tame.

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PropagandistHacker said...

my comment on your ceaseless shilling for the GOP despite the GOP-appointed judges and their anti-white animus:

Lisa said...

Thanks Nicholas for this very informative essay. You're doing a better job than Texans themselves of reporting this.

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