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A Reader Writes That George Zimmerman Trial Witness Selma Mora was a Fraud: She’s Fluent in English

"Roommates" Selma Mora, l, + Mary Cutcher, circa 2012

Selma Mora, l, + Mary Cutcher, circa 2012

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Posted by Nicholas Stix

Correction re: “George Zimmerman and the ‘Thirteenth Juror’-the Threat of Black Riots if He’s Acquitted.”
"Selma Mora, a comely Colombian immigrant who had been a neighbor of Zimmerman’s, required an interpreter ..."

Not so. She's fluent in English. She addressed George Zimmerman in English. And she spoke English fluently in her original deposition (that I now can't find). She understood every English word in that courtroom ... but played dumb. She's a fraud.

Having heard her deposition I was shocked when she accessed an interpreter. And yet, then the question about whether or not she spoke English? She paused, smiled, wriggled about coquettishly followed by the Cheshire grin, then "Ummm ... un poco."

Well, that's what I heard. A lie. Worth a look here (5 minutes in):

Sorry, bad audio due to camera noises (better elsewhere)

More so, almost unbelievably? Her interpreter falsely interpreted her response as "Yes, a little." I sure as hell didn't hear any "si" from her but maybe I misheard it.

This really pissed me off. So the taxpayers have to pay for it. And everybody's time gets wasted ... of millions of people. And isn't this happening all over America?!

White people just don't get it. They're rarely exposed to it. They don't realize they're being played for suckers. And they'll never connect the dots that all these frauds were third world immigrants.

And why did she do it? Curious ... she and her roomie are both cranks, of course. Originally, she hid behind her roommate's pants. Why? I assumed she wasn't legal. She alleged she was a citizen in her testimony. But, who checks? And, who cares?

But another salient point the media will ignore: check the testimonies from all the third world actors in this charade. And yes, I include Tracy and Sybrina. In each case a problem. False testimony, perjury, etc. A travesty. Some: major league idiots. Others: skillful liars.

The third worlders were a joke and an embarrassment to the prosecution. Jeantel lied by an order of magnitude that no one yet knows. I could say more ...

A column could be written: A Glimpse Into The Future of America As Viewed From The Zimmerman Trial

Most white Americans don't know how hard it is to get a conviction of an AA with a mixed jury and especially so if the victim is white. I know from experience.

We're sliding into oblivion but few see it. The trial was a mere snapshot.

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Anonymous said...

Jeantel was fat, racist a liar and most of all: Stupid. She was also the best thing that could have happened to Zimmerman. Selma Mora might be a fraud but she's seems like Einstein in comparison to Jeantel.
A credible witness in her position as the key prosecution witness could have put GZ in prison for the rest of his life.
A craftier, slicker liar could have shifted the jury in favor of the Treyvon cult. Of course, it wouldn't have made any difference to a black jury, you could have had a crack addicted ax murdering prosecution witness up there and they would have believed him, but the white female jurors were clearly on the border on convicting him and it wouldn't have taken much to nudge them the other way.

One of the most interesting moments in her testimony was when Jeantel testified that Treyvon said: That nigga following me (not exactly how she put it but that he called TM the n word was telling). TM must have noticed his dark complexion and somewhat racially ambiguous looks and thought he might be a black guy. If reports are true, GZ had a black great grandfather, which makes him black in the eyes of one drop believers (which I am not). Where are those one drop fanatics, who scream you're black if you have even the faintest trace of black ancestry, for anyone that's accomplished anything now? One drop afrocentrists would be howling he's black if there was some cultural contribution they wanted to co opt. Media of course, relegated that info to the fine print in the back pages, just like TM carrying burglary tools, his thug history and gangsta Facebook photos, etc... Then again doing so would have tempered the frenzy of racial anger and made the story less sensational. What's that old saying?: A good reporter doesn't report great news, he makes new great. Jerry