Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trayvonista/Anti-Semite Stevie Wonder Shows His Colors, and Demands That Florida and Everywhere Else That Has a Stand Your Ground Law, Repeal It

Berry Gordy would have told Wonder, 'Stevie, no one's interested in your opinions. Just shut up and sing!'

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Stevie Wonder has been washed up for about 30 years. Thus, he is now shamelessly seeking to exploit the racist persecution of George Zimmerman, in order to revive his comatose career.

(I know Wonder gets Super Bowl gigs from the NFL, but that corporation is notorious for engaging performers who were big names many facelifts ago. It’s also possible that Wonder’s name was repeatedly “suggested” to the NFL by the NAACP, and/or AA political employees. Finally, unlike rappers, Wonder’s songs do not contain obscenities, and are thus safe for network TV.)

Wonder is also an accredited anti-Semite. He backed out of a scheduled performance in honor of the Israeli Defense Forces in 2012. (So, why did he sign up, in the first place? The Israelis should have sued the pants off him.)

Note that Florida’s Stand Your Ground was always irrelevant to this case. The MSM immediately seized on it, and never let go, because they correctly perceived that it was harmful to the cause of black cut-throats, and they sought for that reason to have it repealed. (Black leaders are clearly working together with the media operatives, or Wonder would not be parroting this talking point.) For instance, even late in the Zimmerman trial, “reports” by Reuters operative Barbara Liston would carry the same line about SYG at the end, even though the defense had formally declared months earlier in court that it would not invoke SYG.

Under Florida's Stand Your Ground law, which was approved in 2005 and has since been copied by about 30 other states, people fearing for their lives can use deadly force without having to retreat from a confrontation, even when it is possible. (Editing by David Adams and Doina Chiacu)
Working within the MSM requires that one repeatedly swear an implicit loyalty oath to black and brown criminals. The way that works is that anytime a boss or colleague crudely insults a prominent Republican known for defending the rule of law, one must laugh, as if the other person had told a hilarious joke. Failing to laugh will immediately cast one under suspicion, and cause one’s every statement and act to be scrutinized. For safety’s sake, the listener should add another insult (“joke”).

Dave Blount at Moonbattery writes,

Stevie Wonder Demands That the Entire World Renounce the Right of Self-Defense:

You would have to be blind not to be able to see the injustice (to use the Left’s favorite word) of the Establishment continuing to persecute George Zimmerman even after he was found innocent in a trial that need not have taken place. So at least Stevie Wonder has an excuse:

In the wake of the George Zimmerman acquittal, the singer said he would not be performing in the Sunshine State until its Stand Your Ground law is “abolished.” He also said he would not be performing in any other state that recognizes the law, which some say contributed to Zimmerman’s acquittal in the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012.

“I decided today that until the Stand Your Ground law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again,” Wonder said Sunday while performing in Quebec City. “As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world.”
So, now we know that Stevie Wonder is not only a racist, but an anti-Semite, as well. There needs to be a boycott of him!

Wonder was praised and promoted for his racism by an affirmative action hire named Prachi Gupta at Salon, who called him “Steve Wonder,” and for his racism and anti-Semitism, as well, at the same site the same day, by a Daniel D’Addario.

Fortunately, Salon’s editors (still) permit dissenting opinions from readers. A few such reader comments follow.

1 day ago
@universitynyc Stevie Wonder's production company/studio is located in California---oooops a "stand your ground" state. So Stevie may be the first recording artist in history to BOYCOTT his OWN music.

Gerry Q
2 days ago
Shouldn't he be boycotting states with self-defence laws? Stand your ground was not invoked in the Zimmerman-Martin case.
Of course self-defence is law everywhere, so it might be more difficult to boycott...

2 days ago
What could possibly change? Legislators should introduce "Trayvon's Law" - by which is it illegal to use your firearm to defend yourself from being beaten to death?
Good luck with that.


Remnant said...

I left the following comment at AmRen on Taylor's latest piece. Nicholas Stix deserves much of the credit for getting the facts out about the true Martin.

Mr. Taylor cuts to the chase once again.

His reflections on the fact that "even racists" are entitled to self-defense in this piece is in particular a critical idea: We are quickly heading in the direction where whites will be held to different standards based on their thoughts alone.

In fact we are already there: Nicholas Stix, AmRen and many other sites have catalogued FOR YEARS the numerous viciously hateful crimes perpetrated by blacks against whites that have not batted an eye within the Department of Justice, the mainstream media or even among mainstream conservatives. That Zimmerman's case is given so much attention and scrutiny shows that "whites" (Zimmerman was given honorary status to serve a political purpose) are already being targeted.

It is also worth noting (and is not even being reported widely enough among the alternative right such as AmRen) that Zimmerman may actually have been correct in his focus on Martin as a suspicious character. To wit:

1. Martin had been suspended on several occassions for drug possession and possession of stolen property. He could and should have been treated by the juvinile justice system rather than merely suspended (and he would be alive today had the authorities so treated him.)

2. In connection with his possession of stolen property, his school locker was also found to contain standard burglery tools.

3. Martin's Twitter and Facebook accounts left fulsome evidence that he was interested in fighting, violence, thug culture, etc.

4. Martin was high at the time of the altercation with Zimmerman: THC in his blood could well have led him to pick a fight with Zimmerman.

5. Several days after the incident, a burglery-type tool was found in the bushes nearby where the Zimmerman-Martin altercation took place. This could well have been on Martin's person, and therefore Zimmerman (wthout knowing it) was ACTUALLY CORRECT in his suspicions about Martin!!

6. And, of course, as even dimwit Jeantel is admitting: Martin attacked Zimmerman.

Nicholas Stix has been doing yeoman's work on the actual background about Martin, and I have taken most or all of the above from reports Stix has made. I encourage every curious person to peruse his Blogger site and VDare.

Additionally, regarding Zimmerman himself: he is a registered Democrat who tutored black children and was actually a model citizen in policing his neighborhood.

The message the Holder-Obama DOJ is trying to send is one of anarcho-tyranny: "We will go after model citizens FOR BEING MODEL citizens. It is only thugs who are given the benefit of the doubt. If brown-on-black or black-on-brown gangbangers kill one another, that's fine. But woe betide any white man who tries to defend himself against black or brown criminals."

Again, Stix has an excellent post about the message being sent by the DOJ.

Nicholas said...

Thanks for your kind words, Remnant.

Anonymous said...

And in other news, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual asked for increased assault weapon penalties if caught around the schools, because, you know, WE GOTS TO SAVE THE CHILDREN FROM THOSE AWFUL WEAPONS!

Remember, if we can save ONE child, then we should BAN IT.