Saturday, July 27, 2013

Previous Mass Shootings in South Florida

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Hialeah slayings
Previous mass shootings in South Florida

Saturday, July 27, 2013
Miami Herald

Other mass homicides in South Florida in the past three decades.

March 2012: Shooting outside North Miami funeral home kills 2 and injures 12.

June 2010: Hialeah restaurant shooting kills 4, including wife of shooter, who shot himself to death.

January 2009: Shooting at dice game in Northwest Miami-Dade kills two among the nine shot.

July 2009: Two dead, 12 wounded in shooting at birthday party in Overtown.

November 2009: Four killed at Thanksgiving gathering in Palm Beach County, including twin sisters of the shooter.

August 1982: Eight people killed, three injured at a Miami welding shop; shooter was chased and shot dead as he bicycled away from the scene.


PropagandistHacker said...

I think Robert Puente has gone Reconquista. He is either banking on going to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary, where the Obama Administration has been holding something over Chief Justice John Roberts, “persuading” him to reverse his position in crucial votes like Obamacare and join the lynch mob attacking federal Circuit Court Judge Edith Jones, or lower-level federal judges getting phone calls from Washington.

there you go again, defending your precious GOP and the neoliberal/plutocrat-oriented judges they appoint. Face it, plutocrat-lover, the judges the GOP appoint just keep sticking it to the whites, and that is no accident. The GOP appoints judges that will do things that the rich like. The GOP and the Dems both operate according to the whims of the rich.

Quit defending your precious GOP. You help the GOP pull more whites in by pretending to be on the side of the whites, just like the GOP.

Does the GOP pay you?

The GOP and the judges they appoint do nothing for whites. But you pretend that the Dems are somehow blackmailing Roberts and other judges to keep them from voting in "true" conservative fashion. But what they do IS true conservative fashion. You just try to pretend otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"As I have explained many times to foreign friends, since it was explained to me by a learned man when I first came to this country, the justices of SCOTUS are not very exceptional persons. They are not even very exceptional lawyers.",,,,John Derbyshire