Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Arizona Reader Writes on Black Crime, “‘Nice’ Black Ladies,” and the Scars of Black Supremacism, aka Integration

Re: “Black Crime” (“Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin, and the Four Dirty Little Secrets of Black America”).

I read all of your commentaries and you are so right! I used to feel bad for blacks back in the 60s, I was very liberal. When they desegregated my high school with busing from South Phoenix, I agreed to mentor a girl. It was time for library so I took her to the library. We were supposed to complete a report together. We found the information and instead of writing the information that we needed, she took out a knife and cut out the pages. I reported the incident to the principal and she was called in on it. The next day, I was jumped by 3 black girls in the restroom and beat and my head was shoved in the toilet. Nothing happened to the black girls for doing this.

The next incident happened to me was in Boston circa 1976. It was the times of forced busing there and I was working as a courier. I picked up film and brought it to the center where they developed the film. I was stopped at a light in Roxbury and a group of black people surrounded my car and broke the windows with baseball bats. I had to run a red light to get away and I still have a terrible scar on my face from that incident. Needless to say, I do not like black people, I never asked for either of these incidents and when one moves into my neighborhood, I move.

Those 60 year old "nice" black ladies are about the same age as the people who assaulted me back in the 1970s. I am no longer a liberal and every day I see the scar on my face to remind me.

My only wish is that the US would break up into white and blacks and they not be allowed in our land.

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