Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cleveland: Did Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Inspire a Copycat?

Cleveland: Did Serial Killer Anthony Sowell Inspire a Copycat? Meet Michael Madison, suspected of Murdering Three Women Over 6-10 Days

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Cleveland Police Arrest Serial Killer!

By The Blue Light Buzz

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Journal de la Reyna


Michael Madison is a registered sex offender. The 35-year old man is accused of killing three women in the nearby suburb of East Cleveland. The Ohio Bureau of Investigation, Cleveland Police and the FBI are aiding East Cleveland Police in finding more bodies and possible breaks to missing persons cases.

It's Sunday, and I woke up to find out something going on that deserve some major attention.

What the hell is wrong with Cleveland, Ohio?

Michael Madison was arrested yesterday after East Cleveland Police aided by the Cleveland Police and FBI discovered the bodies of three women. They are in process of searching for others.

This incident will stir the bubble of conservatives and white extremists. These racial extremists already assume that "ALL BLACK MEN ARE CRIMINALS AND SEX CRAZED ANIMALS".

This incident will give conservative agitators another attempt to paint this incident in relation to Trayvon Martin by saying this individual could be one of "OBAMA'S SONS".

Just a few months back, we were watching the developments in the Cleveland kidnapping of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight. Each woman were held captive in the home of Ariel Castro for over 10 years. The women were rescued and are recovering from their injuries.

About four years ago, we were covering Anthony Sowell, a former military officer and factory worker abducted and killed 11 women. The women he killed were prostitutes and some runaways. In a span of ten years, the man had hid their bodies in home. So far in the past five years, he's killed 11, and there're probably more.


Cuyahoga County keeps records of sexual offenders.


But I guess Sowell's motives inspired another one. Now as Sowell is preparing for the gas chamber inside the iron college, Michael Madison wanted to top that….


[Read the whole thing here.]

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